Many Jakartans are now encouraged to do the social distancing or home quarantine amidst the Coronavirus outbreak in the city. Though it is something uncommon for most of us, don’t worry! There are so many ways for us to still be productive and live our daily life as usual even at home. Here are the things you can do during social distancing or home quarantine.

1. Work from home

This is something the government suggests and a good move as well to minimize the virus’ spread. Then how to stay productive during your work-from-home period? These are the things you can do:
– Maintain your regular hours. If you usually working from 9 am – 5 pm, do the same at home.
– Keep doing the morning routine. Wake up in the morning according to your regular schedule, take a bath, and wear a clean and comfortable outfit.
– Set a distance to the people in your home. You can set a rule to them of what they can and cannot do during your “working hours”. This is to minimize the distraction and maintains your productivity.
– Breaks at lunch-time and while you think it’s time for you to do a simple stretching or breathe some air.
– Finish your work-from-home with your regular routine as well. Wash, dinner, and sleep.

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2. Online studying

Schools are off for several weeks, so your kids are now at home. Many schools of course giving some homework, but still, not going to school and learn directly from the teachers could affect their learning productivity. To keep the education activity on the track, you may try the online learning website or apps for your kids, including Ruangguru, Kahoot, Rumah Belajar, and Khan Academy. Read more about it here.

3. Clean your house

Social distancing means you have more time at home. If you wonder what things to do to pass the time, then it’s probably the right time to clean your house. If you think doing by yourself is quite a hassle, there are some online cleaning services in the city to help you. Read more about it here. You can also use these pest control services for maximum hygiene.

4. Improve your cooking skill

During this time, we also suggest you cook more for you and your family to ensure the hygiene of your food. This is also the time for you to try some recipes you haven’t had time to get to and improve your cooking-skill. You can cook with your family members as well to tighten the family bonding and a little distraction from stress for you and your family. Don’t worry about getting the ingredients as there are several online groceries in Jakarta to deliver your needs directly to your home. You can also get the best selection of meat delivered to your house from these meat shops.

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5. Excercise online

Keep exercising during this period and bring your workout routine to your home. You can still join exercise classes at home as some trainers hold live classes or online classes on Instagram or YouTube. You can check the schedule on ClassPass Indonesia, Active Barn, or other exercise apps in here.

6. Play with your pets

To pass the time and keep yourself sane during social distancing is play with your pets. It is also the time to pay more attention to them or simply train them for new stuff. Don’t forget to make sure to maintain your pets’ needs, especially food, through these online pet stores in Jakarta. Those stores are selling attractive and exciting toys for your pets as well.

7. Get proper sleep

It is the right time for you to catch some sleep. With less activity outside, you will have more time to sleep, at least take the 8-hours sleep a day. You can also take a much-needed nap during your work-from-home break with less guilt.