Your backpack is such an important item anytime you are traveling. You can have a good backpack if you are careful enough although, if you’re not careful too, you can make a terrible choice with your backpack and you can regret having bought it. It is critical that you choose an ideal travel backpack as it can make your travels more easy and enjoyable. The type of traveler you are can also influence your choice of a travel backpack. For instance, if you travel for long distances you need a more comfortable travel backpack in case you run out of money to hire taxis. If it’s comfortable enough you can carry it to a reasonable distance without strain. Below is the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect travel backpack:

What is the Size of the Bag?

The size of a backpack is one of the most important characteristics anyone should look for in a bag.  Consider your body weight and choose a bag size that fits your height and one that you can be comfortable carrying around. If your perfect fit is a  30-liter backpack it is time to check the shape of the backpack and see if it can comfortably fit on your back. Your backpack should be your ideal size, not too tall and not too short. It should have fitting straps so that it does not topple you over even when it is heavy. Consider your behavior too. If you are a heavy shopper you might need a larger bag. Otherwise, depending on what you want to put in your backpack, you can choose a smaller bag.

Consider the Use of the Bag

Different bags serve different purposes. If you need a large backpack that can carry all things then you can resort to a multipurpose backpack. There are day pack bags, laptop bags, and camera bags. Whatever you need to use your backpack for should be a consideration as you choose your travel backpack.

Look at the Straps

The straps of a backpack influence its strength. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed and so you better choose a bag with strong straps. The straps should be comfortable. The straps should also be padded to enhance your comfort. Look for a backpack with hip straps as it can help you distribute your weight over your body making it easy to carry. Look for a bag with shoulder straps that are reasonably wide and padded to avoid bruising. A travel backpack also needs to have a strap that connects your shoulder straps across your chest. It can ease weight distribution. A carry strap is also ideal for shoulder bags as it makes it easy for you to easily pick it up and move.

Check the Frames

Three aspects of frames are important to check out for; some bags have no frame, others have internal frames while others have external frames. Do not go for a backpack with an external frame as it can be heavier and unattractive with its hanging poles. Consider a backpack with some internal frames. These frames should be lightweight to ensure your items are safely supported from the inside. Day activity-travel backpacks, however, need not have frames since they do not carry many things.


Depending on the type of travel backpack you want, a backpack with many compartments is the most suitable travel backpack. Remember, you travel with different items which might not be held in the same bag compartment. Based on the structure of your bag’s compartments, you can arrange your items based on the need for access. You can have your mobile phone in the outermost compartment and so should you have your water bottle. In the innermost compartment, you can have your computer and other things you will only need to use after you’ve arrived at your destination. If you can find one with a laptop compartment, the better for you.

Bag Material

It is better to choose a backpack with durable material and one that is water-resistant. You should not travel in a bag which will have you fear for your computer when rain suddenly begins to fall. Consider a bag that is water-proof and lightweight. You can taste the water irresistibility by spilling some water on your bag. The water should not get to the inside.

A travel backpack should be large enough to help you carry all things in a single bag. Traveling with more than one bag can be hectic. If you can get a backpack with wheels, it can help you relax when you are walking on a tarmac road. Some bags are also more feminine while others are masculine so choose your perfect fit. The compartments of your bag should be easily accessible. The straps of your bag are as good as the bag itself. Choose a bag of high quality and one that is water-resistant.