The holy month of Ramadan is a moment that is always welcomed with joy. Besides being able to focus more on worship, one thing that is most awaited this month is hunting for tajils. Tajil is a very special food or drink to break the fast. This food or drink has a taste that tends to be sweet to fast-boost the energy.

In Indonesia, apparently, there are several unique culinary specialties from various regions which are usually used as tajil for breaking the fast. With this list, we encapsulated some of the most popular tajils around Indonesia.


Kolak is commonly found during Ramadan. It tastes sweet, savory and has a soft texture that is suitable for breaking the fast. There are many types of compote, such as banana, sweet potato, and even cassava. It is made from brown sugar and coconut milk, plus fragrant pandan leaves, making it even more appetizing.


One of the most popular tajil in the South East Asia region, Cendol is a sweet ice dessert made from rice flour, suji leaf, pandan leaf, coconut milk, and palm sugar syrup. Cendol is identical to the color of green strands resembling this chewy noodle mixed with the refreshing milky and sweet syrup.

Bubur Kampiun

Bubur Kampiun or commonly called Bubur Campur (mixed porridge) does have a complete filling. The sweet-tasting porridge consists of sumsum porridge, sweet potato compote, banana, candil, pomegranate porridge, and black sticky rice. Its distinctive sweet taste makes Bubur Kampiun favored by many people, not only Minangkabau people but also travelers.

Es Teler

Es Teler is an iced drink containing pieces of avocado, jackfruit, young coconut, milk, shaved ice, and liquid coconut milk with added syrup. The combination of the taste of milk with avocado and jackfruit gives a great sweet texture.


Jongkong which comes from Lampung is actually similar to sumsum porridge. Jongkong has a sweet and savory taste, a mixture of coconut milk and brown sugar. Jongkong porridge is a Chinese heritage culinary that is a favorite menu during the fasting month.

Es Kacang Merah

Es Kacang Merah or Red Bean Ice, which is an acculturation of Chinese cuisine, is actually not only a typical Palembang drink. It is also popular in several other areas in Indonesia such as Manado. Es Kacang Merah is usually made from fresh red beans, then given a mixture of coconut milk and a mountain of shaved ice, and red syrup or cocopandan is usually added to sweeten it. Unlike Manado, which is mostly served with sweetened condensed milk chocolate.

Ketan Bintul

Ketan Bintul is always present when breaking the fast in the Serang, Banten. This glutinous rice sprinkled with serundeng (spiced-shredded coconut) and beef rendang is a must-have iftar menu. This savory, sweet, and slightly spicy taste is indeed suitable to be used as an iftar menu when Ramadan arrives.