The HUB.ID program facilitated by the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) has just completed a series of business mentoring activities, business matchmaking, and a Networking Session roadshow in ten (10) cities in Indonesia. The strength of the HUB.ID program is to open access to collaboration and synergy for digital startups with various stakeholders such as private corporations, state-owned enterprises, and the government, making HUB.ID’s business matchmaking activities the most anticipated, much awaited, and most sought after by digital startups.

After a series of activities that support the strengthening of the digital startup business, the Ministry of Communication and Information continues to facilitate digital startups by opening access to investment through the HUB.ID Demo Day activity. Digital startups were met with investors from Venture Capital, Angel Investors, both from local and abroad with the aim of increasing investment opportunities for digital startups that have undergone a series of business matchmaking with HUB.ID partners.

The HUB.ID Demo Day activity was held offline in Jakarta for 2 (two) days involving 43 (forty three) digital startups that passed the curation process and followed a series of processes on HUB.ID. Each digital startup was given the opportunity to present in front of the invitees for 5 (five) minutes, followed by a direct 1-on-1 meeting with investors at the booths of each digital startup.

On the first day of the HUB.ID Demo Day, there were 23 (twenty three) startups presenting and consisting of 3 (vertical) business sectors, namely agriculture and aquaculture, education, and finance. On the second day of the HUB.ID Demo Day, there were 20 (twenty) startups presenting and consisting of 4 (vertical) business sectors, namely healthcare, logistics, logistics, smart city, and tourism.

All digital startups have received business matchmaking facilitation and were met with more than 47 HUB.ID partners from private corporations, governments, and investors. A total of 244 business meetings were held and there were 102 business meetings as a follow-up to the business matchmaking series. From all these business meetings, there have been several agreed business collaborations and are in the process of drafting a cooperation agreement.

Collaboration between digital startups is also a benefit to all digital startups by recognizing each other’s strengths and needs. There are several potential collaborations that will be followed up by several digital startups to strengthen each other’s products and innovations.

The Demo Day activity which was attended and opened directly by the Minister of Communication and Information, Mr. Jhonny G. Plate, in his speech said that the Ministry of Communication and Information hopes that from the HUB.ID Demo Day activity today, many digital startups will get investment commitments, which of course will help increase the ability of digital startups to expand their services.

“Expanding the scope of digital startup services is one of the key roles in the success of digital transformation launched by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, that digital sovereignty and independence must be an important principle in Indonesia’s digital transformation that can play a role in placing Indonesia as a player, not a player. Only as a market and encourage the mastery of the latest digital technology by all children of the nation”, said Mr. Jhonny G Plater in his opening speech.

As a startup accelerator program with the power of business matchmaking, which was run for the first time this year, the Director General of Informatics Applications at the Ministry of Communications and Informatics Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan said that this program would continue to be implemented every year and would involve more stakeholders. “The HUB.ID program has the opportunity to become a hub that brings together demand and supply of innovation in Indonesia by adjusting the innovation needs of corporations that do not yet have a Corporate Accelerator. These corporations will become important partners as well as potential investors for digital startups. They even have the opportunity to find potential for new business collaborations that can help increase the scale of digital startup businesses,” he said.

All the latest information and news about Indonesia’s digital startup accelerator program can be found on the website and all of the Ministry of Communication and Information’s digital startup programs can also be found through the website