During this pandemic, many aspects of life have been affected, like in social, economic, cultural, and other industries, and education has been no exception. In the educational field, students have been forced to undergo teaching and learning activities from home and use an online system. With the social restriction policy by the government, many activities have been also limited and reduced. Children who are used to socialize a lot at school and outside with their friends now have to stay at home. With the many changes that have occurred suddenly, parents and children have been required to adapt to this new normal condition. And many parents have found it difficult to handle the quick changes, especially parents who are working.

This has raised many issues in education, and therefore the importance of making and maintaining connections between parents and their children is very necessary during this pandemic. To be able to trust and to care for one another is important for future survival.

Then how do we overcome difficult times & maintain our mental health? Global Sevilla School once again hosted a healthy activity session for all families to enjoy with a Webinar event entitled “Mindfulness: Creating Connection Between Parents & Kids”. This event was held on Saturday, March 27, 2021.

“Creating a positive relationship and close connection between parents and children play an important role in the learning process, especially online, as a secure attachment to parents helps improve the cognitive, emotional, and social development of children. Healthy parental involvement in their children’s daily lives helps to ensure that their children can perform better emotionally and academically,” said Mr. Michael Thia, the Superintendent of the Global Sevilla School.

Mr. Hendrick Tanuwidjaja

This event was organized through a collaboration with the Mindful Project founded by Mr. Hendrick Tanuwidjaja, who is the first certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher in Indonesia. Mr. Hendrick presented a webinar on how to simply apply mindfulness through the five senses that we use every day.

Ms. Alva Paramitha

Another speaker in the webinar is also the school psychologist of Global Sevilla, and no stranger in delivering parenting webinars – Ms. Alva Paramitha. She is also a Certified Therapeutic Playskill Therapist with UK PTI and APAC (The Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy) accreditation. “One way to maintain our mental health is by implementing Mindful Living, which is a simple daily routine practice that can be done to overcome stress, and help maintain mental and physical well-being,” said Ms. Alva.

Ms. Indrawati

There was also Ms. Indrawati Widjanarko, founder of Namaha Yoga. Ms. Indrawati believes that “Yoga is for everyone and Yoga is much more than just doing movements”.

Ms. Yuli Tan

We also had Ms. Yuli Tan, a speaker who presented a Mindful Cooking Class and Eating session. Ms. Yuli Tan learned about Ayurvedic Food in India. Ayurveda is a health system that focuses on body, mind, and energy through food, lifestyle, and the process of rejuvenation. “Ayurveda can provide a lot of benefits regarding what foods are suitable and balanced for each individual, how to prepare and cook these foods in the right way, and how to avoid combinations that can cause toxins in the body,” said Ms. Yuli.

This event was open to the public with 4 interesting class sessions and was attended by hundreds of participants from various regions (Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, Jakarta, Solo and others). It helped parents gain new knowledge and an overview of mindful parenting, which would be very beneficial for their families.