Let’s step back in time to 1928, where it all began on the shores of Lake Lugano. A young Antonio Mantegazza, passionate and enthusiastic about his beloved homeland, entertained his passengers by sharing local secrets as he rowed them across the lake. Enthralled and delighted, this simple journey left them with treasured memories that would live forever in their hearts and minds. Who would have thought that such humble beginnings would grow to the global operator we are today!

In the early 1930’s, Antonio opened the Globus Tourist office. From this lakeside office location, he organised everything. Guests travelled in Super Pullman motorcoaches, while Antonio shared his fun stories and wow moments.

 From Switzerland to neighbouring Italy, France and Germany and beyond, Globus spread its wings, creating special moments every moment. A magical mix of crafted experiences that immersed our guests in authentic encounters, ignited their senses and invigorated their soul. Guests returned home, feeling alive, refreshed and teeming with memories to re-live over and over again.

In the 1950’s, Antonio took Globus across the Atlantic Ocean, to explore the National Parks of America, the mighty peaks and prairies of Canada and the open expanses of Alaska. Globus was becoming truly global.

 In the swinging 60’s, we recognised a new breed of traveller. Travellers who wanted the must-see sights, and comfy stays without the fuss. But, they also wanted freedom and flexibility. They wanted to be in the know and astonished by the sights and sounds around them. The birth of Cosmos filled that gap. It made travelling easy by giving our guests the must-see sights, a comfy place to stay overnight, more time to awaken their inner explorer, and creating the experiences they always dreamed of.

For many years, having two ‘brands’ in the family was perfect. But, as time went by, something as missing. Monograms, backed by 90 years of discovery, joined our family in 2003. Monograms is a brand for people who want freedom to roam, but like having an expert close at hand – a Local Host – the expert with the insider info, that only comes with having done it before.

The excitement of our new family member was closely followed by another exciting launch. With a nautical heart, and silver-spoon in its mouth, Avalon Waterways, the Luxe of our brands, burst onto the rivers of Europe. Gliding away in stylish, contemporary river ships, Avalon delivers the world in an extraordinary way. On board is an oasis where guests unpack once and indulge more. Its luxury without rules. No pretences – just fabulous and unfussy – allowing guests to flex their joy, fuel their passions and do it their way.

 Our guests taste the world on a curated gastronomical adventure and are looked after by people who can read their mood and sometimes their mind! And all the time, at each docking of discovery, they’ll alight ashore, choosing adventures that explore a world less known, living life in the moment.

The Globus family of brands promise
Our promise is to create holidays that your clients won’t forget. It’s not just about the travel, but about the feeling of being refreshed by the experience. No matter which of our brands they choose, they’ll make stories to share for the rest of their life.

 But, whichever brand our guests choose, we are alive and refreshing. We travel to break the rut, reconnect, and free ourselves of daily worries. Immerse in the local cultures, tastes and smells, and feel totally refreshed as they laugh until you cry, and connect with a new world of people, places and experiences. We don’t so dull, we don’t do stuffy. We’re all about living life to the full.

Who are Globus Customers?
Globus travellers are ready to explore the world and immerse themselves in the history, culture and people of each destination. They like their creature comforts too; to stay in superior hotels, dine on regionally inspired cuisine, travel in comfort. They like to feel special, enjoy VIP treatment by jumping the queue, and want the must-sees, the lesser known and the surprises, all included. Travelling for them should be hassle free; everything arranged, so they can switch their minds to holiday mode, take in the sights, indulge in the wonderment of discovery, and return with fun-filled memories they can re-love forever.

Experience Group Travel like Never Before
Did you know that you only need 8 or more passengers to form a group?

 With the Globus family of brands, we make sure guests’ travel is fun and easy right from the very beginning. We take the trouble out of travel for – no stress, no work, we let our guests focus on what matters the most.

 Our experienced and dedicated Groups Department can build, guide and tick all boxes for future travel plans. We can create memorable moments and hand-craft tours for exclusive groups, families or friends, so they can share unique experiences together.
Guests will be immersed in local cultures, tastes and smells, and feel alive and refreshed. On their journey, guests will have a Local Host who will take them to destinations where hidden gems will be discovered.

 Our guests holiday is a time to make unforgettable memories they’ll want to re-live again and again and cherish for the rest of their lives.

Why Group Travel?
We make sure guests can travel their way. Dial it up, or dial it down. Explore alone, or in a group with like-minded people, or even let us take you on an adventure.

 Guests can enjoy specialised dinners or cocktail functions for full charters, learn about the history and culture with our Local Hosts, or extend their trip and use free-time with our Optional Excursions. Whichever the holiday preference, we make sure to suit the needs and travel plans.

Private/Custom & Tailored Tours
Globus family of brands can build custom itineraries to Europe, North America, Jordan and Israel. You let us know what you want to see, where you want to go and when you would like to go and we will create it for you!

Special Interests
Don’t want to miss the once-in-a-lifetime moments? Our special interest tours and cruises allow you to unite with like-minded enthusiasts. From Oberammergau, Calgary Stampede, Jewish Heritage, beer and wine and many more.

Faith-based travel

Faith-based travel is the perfect way to build fellowship by intimately exploring the roots and stories of your faith with fellow believers. Globus family of brands can take you back in time in Jordan and Israel, or guide you at iconic events, such as World Youth Day.


Avalon Waterways offer half and full charters. Our fleet offers impressive Suite Ships that are perfect for any special interest cruise or conferencing and events.

Unique Selling Points for Globus
Every Globus experience is carefully crafted to bring our guests so much more than they thought possible. Everything is already taken care of by us, because the real magic happens when they’re free of worry to truly immerse themselves. They want more than just the basics, so we make every moment feel special. We make sure they don’t waste precious time waiting in line or waiting until tomorrow to discover the next remarkable space. We help them jump the queue every time because it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And because we’re in the know, they’re free to enjoy it.

 We’ve made it our business to create magical travel moments for everyone, in the UK and Europe, USA and Canada, Central and South America, Asia, Africa and a selection of faith-based tours in Europe, Israel and Jordan that are featured in our Religious Travel brochure.

 Our deep, rich experience means we know how to plan every detail, to carefully craft and curate perfect experiences. Our past inspires the wonderment of their travel future.

At Globus, we offer several styles of touring. Your clients may want to visit multiple countries in one itinerary; we call these Panorama tours. Or maybe they’d like to visit destinations that are off-the-beaten-path – and they can with our new Undiscovered tours.

 Or some may like to make a deeper exploration of a single country on a regional experience. Others like to choose one-way tours, or maybe a tour and a cruise. Whatever the style, Globus applies the same care and attention to every detail of the journey.

Tour Directors & Local Guides

 Our knowledgeable, friendly Tour Directors love to share their world. Masters of organisation, they make sure everything runs smoothly, and keep guests informed on where they are going, and share stories of the regions travelled. And in the major cities, our Local Guides throw light on the history, culture and city sights.

Local Favourites

 And when it comes to sightseeing and visiting attractions, our travel planners don’t just pick the sights and leave the rest to the traveller. We immerse them in deeper, authentic experiences – we call them Local Favourites. Experiences that unlock the local secrets, ignite the senses and invigorate the soul.

 We take care of the details

. We arrange it all – tickets, transportation, the best Local Guides. And at key sites, Globus guests jump the queue and spend their time exploring, not waiting in line for their next adventure to start.

Quality coach touring

 Travelling to each destination is just as easy. Globus guests see the world from the comfort of modern, see-it-all seating, deluxe motor coaches. Air-conditioned for comfort, plush reclining seats with plenty of leg-room, daily seat rotation for a different perspective, and state of the art sound system, so guests never miss the fascinating stories shared by their knowledgeable Tour Director. Guests can snap photos as they watch the world go by through giant panoramic windows, and stay connected with friends and family with onboard wifi. Most importantly, with a maximum of 44 guests, and on average 39 travellers on each coach, they never feel crowded.


 Although our sleek, spacious coaches are the main form of touring transportation, guests spend only 25% of their time on a coach. The rest of the time is spent exploring the sights, or riding the Eurostar across the English Channel, or cruising on a Holland America Cruise Ship, gliding the canals of Amsterdam on a private canal boat, or riding one of the spectacular scenic railways like Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer, or Switzerland’s Glacier Express.


 Where you stay at the end of the day is more than a place to rest your head. The place you spend your down-time matters too. Globus selects superior hotels, chosen for their comfort, cleanliness, service and convenient location – often within steps of the greatest sites. 

While there are many, equally wonderful Globus hotels, these are a selection: the George Hotel in Edinburgh in the heart of the New Town; The Carlton on the Grand, adjacent to the Rialto Bridge in Venice; The Sumaq located in the stunning gorge in Aguas Caliente, near Machu Picchu; and the iconic Fairmont Chateau, on the stunning shores of Lake Louise.

Food And what holiday would be complete without sampling delicious local delicacies?! Pasta, paella, quiche, baguettes, tapas, baked Atlantic salmon, Dutch pancakes, haggis, neeps and tatties! Globus arranges it all. A hearty breakfast daily, evening meals at local restaurants, or in the hotel. And when travelling in Europe, enjoy a complimentary glass of wine, beer or soft drink at dinner. Some included lunches. And on evenings where meals are not included, guests have the freedom to explore cafes and restaurants of their own choice.

Globus creates carefully crafted touring experiences with included sightseeing. 

Jump to the front of the queue and spend time exploring, not waiting in line for the next adventure. 
Be immersed in authentic and local experiences with our Local Favourites.

Travel on a variety of transportation that makes getting from point A to point B all part of the fun.

Ultra-modern coaches with see-it-all seating, on board wifi and plenty of room.

Eurostar high speed trains for all channel crossings.

And stay in superior hotels that are more than just a place to rest your head.

Fuel the senses each day with a hearty breakfast and taste the world with delicious dinners at enchanting local restaurants.

 Throughout each journey of discovery, enjoy the company of fun, friendly, knowledgeable Tour Directors who love to organise it all and share their world, so you can switch off and be in the moment, every moment.