The Indonesian Government updates regulations relating to the travel restriction for foreign visitors & stay permits for foreigners staying in Indonesia through Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Rights Number 11 of 2020. This update is to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The regulation is to prohibit all foreigners from entering/transiting within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Exception for foreigners who hold KITAS or KITAP, Indonesia diplomatic visa or service visa, and Indonesia Diplomatic Stay Permit or Service Stay Permit. As well as medical, food, and humanitarian aid support workers, the crew of means of transport, and people whose travel is associated with essential work for national strategic projects (infrastructure or constructions).

Foreigners who get an exception must provide the following requirements:

  1. Certificate of health (in English) issued by their local government’s health authority.
  2. The foreigner must have stayed for 14 (fourteen) days in areas which not affected by the COVID-19 outbreak before entering evidenced by an immigration stamp or boarding pass.
  3. Statement of willingness to enter quarantine for 14 (fourteen) days in facilities provided by the Indonesian government.

For foreigners who stay in Indonesia:

  1. Foreigners who hold a Visitor Stay Permit (from B211/212 Visas on Arrival, Visa Exemption) that has expired and/or can’t be extended will be granted by Emergency Stay Permit for IDR 0 (zero rupiahs) automatically by the system without applying to the immigration office.
  2. Foreigners who hold a Temporary Stay Permit or Permanent Stay Permit that has expired and/or can’t be extended, their stay permit will be deferred and granted an Emergency Stay Permit for IDR O (zero rupiahs) automatically by the system without applying to the immigration office.

This regulation entered into force on 2 April 2020 until further notice. For more information, please contact the Directorate General of Immigration at Facebook or