Tarra Budiman together with SIMHAE Group officially launched a new F&B brand named KOMOREBI, is a brand with a concept that serves Japanese Fast Food, in the form of a rice bowl. Formulated directly by 5-star Japanese chefs, KOMOREBI hopefully can be everyone’s favorite dish at an affordable price, starting from IDR 20,000 for just 1 portion of the meal.

“The KOMOREBI born from a simple idea, which most of us think that Japanese food in Indonesia is common with its expensive price. SIMHAE has been able to change the paradigm of society where eating expensive Korean food becomes affordable, and now we want to change the society’s paradigm that Japanese specialties can also be served at affordable prices, without choosing the quality of food, “said Tarra Budiman about the first idea of creating the KOMOREBI. 

Even more, Tarra Budiman and SIMHAE Group also have more visions and missions besides opening this business. It is hoped that, with the expansion of the partnership carried out, KOMOREBI can open new jobs for Indonesians who previously had an impact on this pandemic. In addition, Tarra Budiman and SIMHAE Group are committed to providing affordable partnership investment prices, so that they can provide an ideal center for people who want to open their own business. 

“For the partnership system, we have made the assessment as easy as possible. Partners don’t need to have expert F&B experience to operate 1 outlet. From spices to the meat, everything has been prepared from our central kitchen, so that every outlet just needs to process it easily. All promotional marketing will also be designed by the center so that partners just have to follow, “said Selig Purnama as the owner of SIMHAE Group,

Although it was not easy to implement prioritizing the quality of raw materials which still prioritize quality but affordable prices to unfavorable conditions in the midst of a pandemic. But Tarra Budiman and Selig Purnama still confident to step up and prove that they can open a business even in difficult conditions, they believe those good intentions can produce good results. So for those of you, all the Japanese Fast Food lovers who want to taste KOMOREBI’s Favorites selection, come to their outlet at KOMOREBI restaurant, Pluit Utara Raya no.64.