As part of its 34th Anniversary celebrations on September 25, 2021, Swiss-Belhotel International launches a new global membership program, ‘Swiss-Belexecutive’ known as SBEC Benefits membership.

All aspects of the program have been improved following one basic principle – Simple and Easy! No point accumulating, no redeem time, the SBEC Benefits program is designed to provide guests with instant gratification – benefits that can be used immediately upon registration.

When launching the program, Gavin M. Faull, Chairman and President of Swiss-Belhotel International, stated, “With this program we want to ensure that every visit of our guests is an utmost importance; regardless of the service they use. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, use of a meeting room, spa services, or even a reservation for pool use, when a guest chooses Swiss-Belhotel International, they should be appreciated. Hotels are not just about staying in a room, but a much broader experience, therefore, our guests should be able to enjoy the full range of services at our hotel and also get benefits as a form of appreciation.”

The SBEC Benefits program offers the same conveniences and discounts, making it easy for guests to use them anywhere in our hotels around the world.

Gavin M. Faull further commented on the unique way of defining program tiers, “We are in the business of dealing with people and having members defined by color or card tier is common. As such, we present our program on several levels – Explorer (Red), Enthusiast (Silver), Influencer (Gold) and Connoisseur (Platinum); these four represent the history of traveling and togetherness with Swiss-Belhotel International.”

There is no need to download an app, with convenience as a key principle, the program provides a digital card and a link to the portal, which can be accessed from any device the members choose. When a member visits a Swiss-Belhotel International property and makes a transaction, the hotel records the transaction, and the visit is immediately recorded into the hotel’s online electronic system and member platform. This is another initiative developed by Swiss-Belhotel International.

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