Suunto has released its newest product, the Suunto 5 Peak GPS sports watch which is designed for people who like outdoor fitness activities. It features a lightweight, compact and durable multi-sport watch to guide them toward their fitness goals.

The lightweight, simple and durable design of the Suunto 5 Peak makes this watch the perfect companion for everyday activities. With dimensions: 12.9 mm x 43 mm, weight of 39 g, stainless steel bezel, lens material made of plastic, and display resolution 218 x 218. For the strap material, it measures 22 mm silicone straps (the same size as the Suunto 9 Peak strap). The strap is also designed to be more practical to make it easier to replace the watch strap with ease. For battery, time mode up to 10 days. 20 hours (Performance Mode), 40 hours (Endurance Mode), or up to 100 hours (Tour Mode).

Suunto 5 Peak is an evolution of the previous Suunto 5 model. This new Suunto watch is 41% lighter than its predecessor (Suunto 5). It’s slimmer due to the absence of a GPS attribute like on the old model. Suunto 5 Peak is subjected to extreme testing and is built to withstand all weather conditions and is water-resistant up to 30 m. The stainless steel frame and durable plastic lens will ensure this watch serves as a long-term training partner, whatever the conditions of activity, muddy trails, or open beaches.

“I’m sure this new comfortable watch will be competitive in its market class. There is no doubt in my mind that the Suunto 5 Peak will perform strongly given its extremely lightweight and sleek, highly functional design, combined with an affordable price,” said Heikki Norta, President of Suunto. ”That’s what we wanted to achieve when we sat down to design this watch and I’m sure consumers will agree that we won’t let them down. With this watch they are ready for their next adventure,” explained Norta.

With Suunto 5 Peak, consumers have many choices when it comes to fashion. It comes in a variety of strap colors – including a special Suunto strap that was first made from leftover materials from other straps – and another 22 mm compatible Suunto strap for mix-and-match, allowing users to easily personalize their watch style.

Suunto 5 Peak has more than 80 types of sports and is perfect for sports such as running, cycling, and swimming. Through three power modes, this watch has a battery life of up to 100 hours in training mode. For use in clock mode, it can be used for up to 10 days on a single charge. This compact and durable multisport GPS watch features a wrist heart rate sensor and is designed to help you stay fit and ready to explore the great outdoors.

“The presence of Suunto 5 Peak has been eagerly awaited by sports and outdoor activities activists in Indonesia. With the Music Control feature that is not only functional but also fun, Suunto 5 Peak can accompany various activities for those who are active and always make fitness the core of their daily life. The simple and modern design with various types of straps that are easy to change is very flexible to mix and match with today’s clothing styles. Not only that, there are more than 80 sport mode functions that can be modified with a battery life of up to 100 hours. Marathon run or adventure, all styles, all day-to-day activities, can use Suunto 5 Peak,” added Ressy Sandrina as Brand Manager of Suunto Indonesia.