The government’s appeal in fighting covid-19 to oblige the community to be able to do work from home in order to break the chain of the spread of the corona covid-19 virus must be supported together. But Waringin Hospitality also has other alternatives if there are guests who still want to do work activities or even for those of you who cannot return to their home countries due to assignments in Indonesia, you can use Waringin Hospitality’s hotel, because we have prepared everything to prevent the spread of this virus, and still provide the best service for you. Our hotel chain currently has 24 operating hotels in Jakarta, Bekasi, Jambi, Bandung, Purwokerto, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Jember, Banyuwangi, Tanjung Selor and Banjarmasin.

We have implemented certain conditions for each guest who will check in, by checking the maximum temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. We will refuse guests to check in if we get you with a temperature above 37 degrees Celsius, unless you can show a doctor’s certificate, that you are free from the covid-19 virus. And if there are guests who stay a long time, then we will check regularly at 09.30 WIB every day until the guest checks out.

For employees who enter the hotel, we also check and collect data on their activities every day until they finish their duty. And we always advise every guest not to travel outside the hotel when it is not in an urgent condition, because all activities can be carried out in the hotel alone to avoid the spread of the covid-19 virus.

To avoid the gathering process, every guest who checks in will be given a breakfast, afternoon and evening selection form in the room before check-in or can also telephone from their respective rooms to the room service or reception desk. All service processes for guests in the hotel have followed WHO standards, while maintaining health, using masks and gloves.
In the condition of occupancy which has a very downward impact, Waringin Hospitality management continues to make savings for all lines, and activates only a few floors for guests who will work from the hotel.

“Our hope is, of course, that the cofid-19 outbreak will be resolved soon and we can resume normal activities. And if there are guests checking in for a long period of time, we will continue to check the health process by checking the temperature that has been agreed on the time before checking in, so it does not interfere with the comfort of other guests, “said Metty Yan Harahap as Corporate Director of Marketing Waringin Hospitality.

All room booking processes can be booked via digital: through our official website at or, also through WhatsApp for each hotel unit, telephone or other online travel agent.