It’s that time of the year again, the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most anticipating festivals in the Chinese calendar. This year, the peak of the Mid-Autumn Festival will be celebrated on 21 September 2021, and it’s a time of reunion and enjoying mooncakes under the bright full moon. Many mooncakes have been spruced with an exquisite box that you can get in Surabaya and if you don’t know where to get them, we made a list just for you.

The Westin Surabaya

Photo by The Westin Surabaya

The Westin Surabaya’s mooncakes comprise of four regular baked moon cakes with a classic mooncake choice, including the Red Bean Paste, White Lotus with Single Yolk, White Lotus with Double Yolk, Pandan Paste, and the Green Tea Paste is set to satisfy the palate of guests with a preference for modern culinary innovations – encased in a premium box. Guests with a penchant for salted egg yolks can take delight in the Baked Charcoal and White Lotus Seed Paste with Four Yolks Moon Cake.

Presented in two types of mooncake packages – the Traditional Four-Piece Premium Package and the One-Piece Individual Package – The Westin Surabaya’s mooncakes are available starting from IDR 518,000++ per package and come with Book Tote Bag, Premium Box, and a greeting card. The Westin Surabaya mooncakes will be available for sale between 3 August and 22 September 2021.
For reservations and information, please call (62 31) 2971 0000 or access the website at

The Westin Surabaya
Pakuwon Mall
Jl. Puncak Indah Lontar No. 2, Surabaya 60216, Indonesia
Phone: +6231 2971 0000

JW Marriott Surabaya

Photo by JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya

JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya offers Limited Edition boxes presented in an exquisite elegant combination of classic and modern design with a touch of prosperity gold concept and royal blue, it has a classic golden lotus-patterned finish as the signature.

This year, they present a new variant of baked mooncakes using Premium Low Sugar mooncake paste, such as Premium Pineapple in single egg yolks and Premium Cranberries lotus paste in single egg yolks. There is a selection of premium low sugar baked of classic mooncakes like White Lotus Single Egg Yolk, Green tea in single egg yolks, Red bean in single egg yolks, and Black sesame lotus in single egg yolks. Variety of snow skin mini is also available such as Signature Snow Durian ‘Musang King’, Snow ‘butterfly Blue pea flower’ moon cake with Lychee flavor filling in Cranberries pulps paste, and Snow Matcha green tea moon cake with filling in pineapples paste.

The mooncakes are available for purchase until September 15, 2021, priced at IDR 1,588,000+ for Luxury Golden Lotus (Limited Edition) package consist of four Super-premium baked mooncakes with the classic tea set, Premium Blue Moon Packages with four Super-premium baked mooncakes at IDR 758,000+, or five Snow skin mooncake at IDR 628,000+, or five Continent durian Snow skin at IDR 688,000+.

For more information contact 031-5458888 or WhatsApp at 0811-3529-278 or visit

JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya
Jl. Embong Malang 85-89, Surabaya 60261, Indonesia
Phone: +6231 545 8888, +62811 3529 278

Shangri-La Surabaya

Photo by Shangri-La Surabaya

Shangri-La Surabaya’s Mooncakes are prepared in three different collections – the Signature Collection, the Kids Collection, and the 50th Anniversary Collection. The Signature Collection showcases authentic traditional baked Mooncakes filled with favorite flavors like White Lotus, Red Lotus, Red Bean, Green Tea, Pandanus, Durian, and Coconut. Prices begin at IDR 488,000 + for a box of four, IDR 708,000 + for a box of eight mini mooncakes, and IDR 908,000+ for a box of eight regular-sized mooncakes.

The Kids Collection consists of specially created thousand-layer rainbow Mooncakes in two flavors. The Happy Bird Thousand Layer Mooncake with Red Bean & Nutella Chocolate and The Happy Bird Thousand Layer Mooncake with White Lotus. The Kids Collection is priced at IDR128,000+ per piece.

To commemorate Shangri-La’s 50th anniversary, the hotel has launched a very special range of Shangri-La Mooncakes both baked and snow skin renditions. Available in both baked and snow skin, the D24 Durian “Mau Sang Wang” will undoubtedly appeal to durian lovers. The snow skin and Handcrafted Matcha Mooncake with Red Bean, Mochi, and Yuzu is priced at IDR 588,000 + for a big 4-piece box and IDR1.058,000+ per big 8-piece box.  The Bird’s Nest Custard Mooncake series is priced at IDR 2,188,000 + for a small 9-piece with an additional Nestbloom Birdsnest including within the box.

From now till 22 August, customers can enjoy an ‘Early Bird’ promotion and enjoy a 25% discount when purchasing via  After the Early Bird season ends, customers may continue to purchase via and enjoy a 15% discount from 23 August to 21 September 2021. For further information or to purchase, please contact +6231 6003 8916 directly.

Shangri-La Surabaya
Jl. May. Jend. Sungkono 120, Surabaya 60256 Indonesia
Phone: +62 31 6003 8888, +62 31 6003 8916

Vasa Hotel Surabaya

Photo by Vasa Hotel Surabaya

Vasa Hotel Surabaya invites you to enjoy the legendary Mooncakes which are made with special recipes by native Chef Lim Kim Loong, from Xiang Fu Hai Cuisine of Vasa Hotel Surabaya that will be the best dish ever for your special moment.

Along with a variety of flavors and sizes, Mooncakes from Vasa Hotel Surabaya come with special prices starts from IDR 538,000+ per box. You can choose 4 large Mooncakes or 8 small Mooncakes. Available in 2 variants, namely Classic Mooncakes and Snowskin Mooncakes with various fillings, such as White Lotus, Red Bean, Pandan, Green Tea, Dragon Fruit, Portuguese, Durian Montong, to Durian Musang King.

We recommend you the Snowskin Mooncakes Durian Musang King as a favorite item because it will be made in very limited stock. Mooncakes from Vasa Hotel Surabaya are available for orders now, for more info contact us through +6231-7301888 or via WhatsApp +62812-5291 5690.

Vasa Hotel Surabaya
Jl. HR, Muhammad 31 Surabaya, East Java – Indonesia
Phone: +6231 730 1888, +62812-5291 5690

Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers

Photo by Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers

For one of the most awaited celebrations, Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers provides you four delectable mooncakes that come in eight exquisite flavors. They are White Lotus, Red Lotus, Pandan, Black Sesame, Low Sugar Purple Potato, Coffee Mocha, Green Tea, and Portuguese Custard. Filling options will be with egg yolk or original.

This will be an excellent treat to complete your precious moments during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The package starts from IDR 518,000+/box and 15% Discount for Marriott Bonvoy Member.

Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers
Jl. Embong Malang 25-31, Surabaya 60261, Indonesia
Phone: +6231 546 8000

Hotel Ciputra World Surabaya

Photo by Hotel Ciputra World Surabaya

Mooncake festival is here, illuminate your Mid-Autumn celebration with premium handcrafted mooncakes from Hotel Ciputra World. Paste selections are Red Bean, Red Bean & Walnut – with or without single egg yolk, Pandan, Pandan & Walnut – with or without single egg yolk, and Durian – with or without single egg yolk.

The price starts from IDR 488.000 per box for 4 pieces. Free delivery is applied with terms and conditions. For more information, reach via WhatsApp at +62811 3113 890 or +62 31-5120 1000

Hotel Ciputra World Surabaya

Jl. Mayjen Sungkono 87-89, Ciputra World Mall, 1A Floor, Surabaya , Indonesia
Phone: +62 31 5120 1000, +62811 3113 890