9. Kopi Bandrek

Especially for you coffee lovers, you can’t say a true coffee lover if you haven’t tried Surabaya’s original Kopi Bandrek. It has a distinctive taste with a warming effect on the body. Not only because of the use of a mixture of ginger in this coffee drink, it has a distinctive aroma.

10. Lemper Ayam Depot Mie 168

Depot Mie 168 doesn’t just offer dumplings or bakwan noodles. In this humble shop, they also provide traditional snacks that are ready to rise your appetite level. Of the many menus, the chicken lemper is the most special which is made on the same day daily. It tastes savory with a fragrant aroma from banana leaves. The secret to its deliciousness comes from its good selection of sticky rice. Additional seasoned shredded chicken is also abundant.

11. Almond Crispy

Almond Crispy is a snack made of flour, sugar, eggs, and powdered milk, topped with almonds and cheese. This snack is round, thin, and flat with a variety of flavors, from chocolate and cheese to mocca and green tea. Tourists who want to bring this snack to take home can buy it at various souvenir centers in Surabaya, one of the popular souvenir shops is Wisata Rasa which is located on Jemursari No. 164.