5. Sirup Mangrove

Mangroves are known as plants to ward off abrasion. However, in Surabaya, this plant is transformed by a group of farmers in Rungkut into syrup. This syrup has a sweet and sour taste, perfect for drinking on a hot day. In addition, this syrup is believed to be rich in vitamins A and C. Besides being used as syrup, mangroves are also used as jenang with a chewy texture and a sweet taste.

6. Abon Sapi Padmosusastro

Surabaya has many kinds of culinary that can be used as souvenirs. Abon Sapi Padmosusastro (Padmosusastro Shredded Beef) is one of them. It has two flavors, spicy and sweet. To buy this shredded beef, visitors can go to Padmosusastro Street, Surabaya. They will see many sellers of shredded beef along the road.

7. Kue Rambak

Rambak crackers have a savory taste and crunchy texture, even they can last up to one year. With such long durability, it’s no wonder that Rambak Beef is very suitable to be used as souvenirs. To further maintain the crispness of the rambak crackers, store them in an airtight container. Besides being made as a snack, this Beef Rambak is also suitable as a side dish such as satay, porridge, or food served with warm rice.

8. Siropen Telasih

Siropen Telasih is one of Surabaya’s signature syrups, which was developed by JC Van Drongelen. He is a native of the Netherlands, who made this syrup in 1923. The Siropen syrup factory became the first syrup factory in Indonesia, of course, apart from its distinctive taste, this syrup also has a high historical value. Until now, the manufacture of Seropen syrup still uses conventional power. You can find them at souvenir centers in Surabaya such as the Panen Raya Souvenir Shop.