Starting 2022, Four Points Surabaya again invites guests to explore culinary heritage through ‘Bon Voyage – trip to East Europe’. After the success of the ‘Bon Voyage – Holland Trip’ at the end of 2021, this Eastern European culinary journey has attracted quite a bit of attention because it presents a variety of culinary delights that are foreign to the local public’s taste but are still interesting and delicious to enjoy, such as Bitcher Muslei (soaked wheat in milk or juice and mixed with various grains and vegetables), German Potato Salad, Chicken Vol Au Vent (puff pastry that is halved and stacked and filled in the middle with various sweet or savory fillings), and Goat Cheese Salad.

Not only Eastern European culinary trips that you can ‘visit’, but various chocolate creations are also present every weekend to pamper chocolate lovers. At the beginning of the first week, Lime Restaurant at Four Points Surabaya Tunjungan Plaza also held a Chocolate Showcase. Namely a variety of processed menus combined with chocolate. What is quite interesting is that it is not only pastry or dessert that is suitable to be combined with chocolate, there are also various main course menus and even the appetizer menu – which usually tastes savory and tends to be salty – served with chocolate as a basic ingredient. Call it Chocolate Pizza, Chicken Wing with Chocolate Wrap, to Beef Grill with Chocolate Sauce, and coffee that tastes sweet, spicy, and delightful.

On January 6-8, Lime Restaurant also invited guest Chef, Rafael Massaro – the Pastry Chef behind various food creations made from Cellebeut Chocolate – a bar of Belgian specialty chocolate which is famous for its combination of sweet and savory flavors and is suitable to be paired with various cuisine menus. This Chocolate Showcase journey will continue at the Bromo Cafe, Sheraton Surabaya on January 13-15.

Monday to Saturday’s all-you-can-eat dinner at Lime Restaurant at Four Points Surabaya Tunjungan Plaza is priced at IDR 378,000 net per person. Applicable purchases of ten pay five on certain days with certain payment methods. For orders and further information, please contact telephone number +6231 546 8000 or WhatsApp at +62813 3102 5445.

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