Because of its distinctive and fragrant taste and smell, durian is a fruit that is widely liked or hated by people. Each type of durian has a different taste and has its own characteristics. For you durian connoisseurs, we would recommend some durian paradises in Surabaya.

1. Royal Durian

Photo by budalrek

For you durian lovers, Royale Durian is just a piece of heaven for you. Royale Durian provides various types of durian, from Medan, monthong Bali, bawor, to civet king. Not only the fruit, you can also enjoy various kinds of durian creations that are just as delicious. Overall, you can also buy durian in the whole fruit or durian that has been peeled.

Jl. Dr. Ir. H. Soekarno No.88 A, Medokan Semampir, Kec. Sukolilo

2. Rumah Durian Cemara

Photo by kulinersby

Rumah Durian Cemara has always had a good reputation with good service and an equally good place. In this place also you can buy online and can get promos for predetermined times. Waiters in this place can also choose a good durian for those of you who are not very familiar with durian fruit. This place also guarantees, if durian is rotten or not sweet you can exchange it for a new one.

Jl. Raya Mulyosari Blok PFF No.76B, Kalisari

3. Nyidam Duren

For those of you who want to eat durian, as well as want to hang out, Nyidam Duren is a suitable place for you to visit. With a place made in the style of the countryside in the middle of the city, it makes this place has its own appeal. The place is also very spacious, suitable for get-togethers with family or friends. Nyidam Duren also has a guarantee, if the durian fruit is not good, it can be directly exchanged on the spot.

Jl. Sutorejo Utara No.14

4. D’Duren Mas

A suitable place to visit and enjoy durian creation on weekends with friends or family, D’Duren Mas provides indoor and outdoor venues and there is also a bamboo gazebo. The menu itself is really tempting for you durian hunters such as pancake and ice cream. You can also enjoy live music that will help you chill.

The Sagamore Hills Taman Dayu, Area Sawah, Dayurejo