Apart from the viral news about #CrazyRichSurabayan, Surabaya is actually coming with some exciting news this year. After awarded as The Best Tourism City in Indonesia from Yokatta Wonderful Indonesia Tourism Awards last July 2018, the city just placed number two most favorite city in the Guangzhou International Awards 2018 poll. Following those achievements, Surabaya again comes with interesting news as Tabebuya trees embellish the city’s sidewalk.

tabebuya surabaya
Tabebuya Trees in Surabaya

Tabebuya or Tabebuia which originally from Brazil is always associated with Sakura from Japan. Its similar feature and color are the elements that make this tree looks identical with Sakura. Can be grown in the tropical area, Tabebuya attracted Tri Rismaharini, the city’s Mayor. She then instructed the city government to plant Tabebuya on the sidewalk of Surabaya’s protocol area. Now, the trees have grown beautifully and make the city even more gorgeous.

Following the success of this Tabebuya Planting program, Risma now encourages Surabaya citizens to also plant the seed in their own respective areas. The purpose is not only to make the city visually attractive but also support the greenery living in the modern era of Surabaya. As well as reducing the stress level of the citizens after going through a rough day in their daily lives. If you’re in Surabaya, go to Jalan Ahmad Yani and Jalan Darmo, the areas with the most blooming Tabebuya trees. You will find three different colors, pink, white, and yellow.