Summer season is the season to be fashionable! This is the time of the year when you can dress up and showing it off in every occasion. The trend for summer dresses’ design is referring to comfort, uniqueness, and the freedom to express your personality through fashion. Mostly, the design is depicting on fresh tropical touches with colourful flowers and leaves. This chic design is suitable for summer parties such as beach party, pool party, and garden party.

Surabaya’s shining star on fashion stage Embran Nawawi, has recently launched his Summer Collection “Cocktail Party in Summer”. Despite of the usual elegant cocktail dress, Embran magically adds a chic twist on his design making it becomes an elegant chic cocktail dress, suitable for cocktail parties in summer time. With this twist, the dress can be worn as well to dinner reception after the cocktail.

Embran’s cocktail dress design this season is focusing on the use of classic and elegant batik fabrics combined with pretty and chic laces portraying those sweet and sexy  dresses from the the 50’s circa, the era of Marylin Monroe.  The use of Batik Pamekan with its classic sogan pattern in orangeness flowers combined sweetly with chiffon pleats also in orange colour, and added with a black lace cropped top giving an overall look of elegant, sexy altogether sweet and chic.

Few collections were being shown during the recent fashion show. Some of them are; one-shoulder top with Batik tulip-skirt, a simple pencil-skirt slashed at the front and decorated with flare from chiffon pleats with black drop-shoulder cropped top, halter-neck cropped top with a comfy pencil-skirt and the other one with traditional touches which is dodotan-style top (bustier) with Batik tail-skirt and lastly, specially designed for women whose wearing hijab is an elegant chic design combination of elegant loose shirt with a bow accent on the neck with long mermaid-skirt.

These fabulous collection from Emran Nawawi will surely sparkle your sweet summer!