Despite the pandemic, there are still a few new dining spots popping around in Surabaya. For now, here are a round-up of some of Surabaya’s newest F&B spots that you might have missed.


If you miss the culinary arts of Central Java but haven’t had the chance to go there, fret not, you can try the culinary specialties of Central Java in Surabaya at Ngastina. This restaurant carries the concept and menu inspired by Central Java with a minimalist interior design but still maintains a traditional accent. The favorite dishes are Nasi Gandul Daging, Nasi Liwet, and Nasi Pecel Onclang.

Jl. Bawean No. 20, Surabaya 60246
Phone: +62 895-8108-38400

So In Love

Photo credit by Instagram @inijie

Sweet puddings with adorable shapes and eye-catching colors are the main attraction of So In Love, which has just opened at Pakuwon Trade Center. Plus the color coordination you get from the interior makes your hang-out time even more magical.

Pakuwon Trade Center, Ground Floor
Jl. Raya Lontar No.2, Babatan, Surabaya 60218
Phone: +628113399082

Roasta Coffee

Roasta Coffee lends a magnificent coffee shop experience at San Antonio Street Walk. Enjoy freshly-brewed coffee in the utmost marvelous coffee shop experience. What makes Roasta Coffee a unique and genuine coffee shop is they roast every coffee, refreshment, and food with wholeheartedness to offer you marvelous delights to savor in. Not only coffee, but they also serve delectable dishes like Chicken Wing Honey Butter, Rice Bowls, and Roasta Sampler.

San Antonio Street Walk N1 No.33
Phone: +6281130530333


Photo credit by Instagram @julianvankusty

The freshly made churros and coffee shop franchise finally landed in Surabaya. Churrosbites that is nestled on Kusuma Bangsa Street offers finger-lickin’ good churros that come with varied items like Long Churros and Churrosbites completed with unique flavors. If that’s not enough, you can enjoy the churros with the ice cream for your guilty pleasure.

Jl. Taman Kusuma Bangsa, Ketabang, Surabaya 60272
Instagram: @churrobitesindo

Batu, Malang

Infinite8 Bar & Grill

This one is located in Batu, Malang. Golden Tulip Holland Resort Batu just launched a western and luxury-themed restaurant Infinite8 Bar & Grill. The name is adopted from the word “Infinity” which means unlimited while the number 8 is taken from the infinity symbol and the bar that forms number 8. The interior of Infinite8 is made so magnificent that can occupy up to 217 people with comfortable seatings of indoor and outdoor with a mountain view as a backdrop. Infinite8 Bar & Grill serves western food menus such as Steak, Pasta, and Pizza. Guests are also expected to chill and relax herewith a wide selection of cocktails here.

Golden Tulip Holland Resort
Jl. Cherry No. 10, Panderman Hill, Batu, Malang 65314, Indonesia
Phone: +62 878 3800 2000