The blitz and glitz of restaurant openings continue to spoil our inner culinary sense. From the classic vintage feel diner serving sub, new Mexican-style tacos restaurant to a warm tropical cafe to perch all day, we’ve curated a list of the hippest new tables in Surabaya.

Jacks Diner

Seeing their dishes is just half of the experience, tasting their dishes will complete your experience. Experience the vibrant of the 60’s diner at Jacks Diner. Enjoy it at the fullest with their signature freshly chopped ribeye steaks wrapped in their freshly made bun that will surely satisfy your palate! Say no more, their Philly’s OG is the bomb.

Jl. Tumapel No. 65, Surabaya, East Java 60265, Indonesia.
Instagram: @jacksdinersub


If you are really craving a quick grub to munch especially a Mexican taco, the good news is TACORITTO is ready to tickle your belly. Just opened in Pakuwon City, TACORITTO serves healthy Mexican food. The basic points of healthy food from TACORITTO are starting from tortilla skins, basic spice blends, fresh ingredients, and processing methods that are handmade, clean, fresh, halal, and hygienic. The vibrant colorful atmosphere they have makes it even more pleasant to enjoy a great taco with your company.

Ruko San Antonio Shopping Street N1-65, East Surabaya
Phone: +62821-39057949
Instagram: @tacoritto.pakuwoncity


Photo credit: Instagram: @heylints

Claimed as Surabaya’s first cloud kitchen plus. Kitchenspace is a space for every dream. Kitchenspace acts as a co-kitchen space which is a kitchen service that can be used to start an F&B business without having to own a standalone building. One cloud kitchen has several kitchen spaces that are adequate to produce food from several brands. Buyers don’t have to jostle when buying making time and energy more effective. Tenants include Noodle House, Yammie Ayam Jamur, Gogibap, Mee Lah, Pokpok, Ria Bistro, Gemma Lee, Cocane, and Madame Chang.

Jl. Embong Gayam No. 11, Surabaya, East Java 60271, Indonesia

Lumer Café Lontar

Photo credit: Instagram @heylints

It’s hard not to fall in love with Lumer Cafe Lontar. With its warm tropical atmosphere and a splash of pink color, the place surely offers a lot of corners for snapping pictures. The laidback spacious terrace is a perfect spot to get together and chillax while enjoying some of their signature dishes like Lumer Cafe Black Burger with Fires, Lumer Pizza, Chicken Popcorn, Mix Platter Entree, Krizza, Cheesy Fries, Lumer Mix Rice, Chicken Moza, Korean Chicken Rolling Cheese, and many more that are available at very affordable price.

Jl. Raya Sambikerep No.25, Sambikerep, East Java 60217, Indonesia
Phone: +6281234552522
Instagram: @lumercafe.lontar

Novelty Coffee

Situated on the busy Tunjungan Street, Novelty Coffee is designed in bold black combined with hidden LED strip lights to live up to your me-time mood making this coffee shop more elegant yet casual at the same time. It’s modern, clean, and sleek. Although the whole space is not too big, the outdoor area is also comfortable to perch on. Novelty Coffee is very suitable for some quick catch-ups, doing works, and a pit stop for bikers.

Jl. Tunjungan No. 64, Surabaya, East Java 60275
Phone: +62812 4991 3386
Instagram: @noveltycoffee_