Vasa Hotel Surabaya is ready to welcome guest back to the new adaptation of new normal era with Safe, Cool, and Different commitment. This commitment is implementing health and safety protocols that are referring to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Government Regulations to provide a comfortable and safe stay.

“Todays we facing a new adaptation. Vasa Hotel Surabaya implements health protocols referring to WHO and Government Regulations. We introduce our new commitment, Safe, Cool, and Different, that means the safety of our guests and employees is our top priority. Guest will feel safe during their stay according to the health protocol, also we use technology and you will find the different experience from you enter the hotel lobby to your departure. ” explained Rendy Kurniawan, as Resident Manager.

The mandatory protocol is wearing masks for all employees and guest. Upon arrival, security will be welcoming you and check the body temperature with temperature sensor. Also, the use of technology is applied upon arrival, you are required to register the Visitor Management System. This registration is valid in every public area, to recording the profile of each visitors. Also, at check-in process, we have used digital signature technology to improve hygienic, modern, and effective standards.

Distance restrictions in public areas are also applied, while vehicle stops in the lobby, a waiting lane with visible signs, protective glass on the front desk and restaurant cashier, limited capacity when using elevators, and restaurants apply the distance between tables and seat minimum of 2 meters with a maximum limit of 4 people per table.

The frequency of cleaning and sanitation in all areas of the hotel is increased. The hotel uses international standard disinfectant fluids in areas that are frequently touched, such as visitor lifts, door handles, escalator handles, and hand sanitizers available in the corners of the hotel.

Safe, Cool, and Different is a commitment of health protocols from your arrival to departure. Health, safety, and security become the most important thing in the implementation of these safety protocol and sanitation, when you entering the room you will find a blue seal that attached sanitized passed.

Food hygiene is also guaranteed, such as only serving cooked food, and don’t forget employees use the recommended personal protective equipment.

“With the commitment of Safe, Cool, and Different we are ready to welcome you all with safe and comfortable.” Said Rendy Kurniawan.

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