Ramadan season is here and Eid-al-Fitr is also something most of us waiting for. Though this year will be way more different because of the pandemic, we can still maintain the togetherness in may ways. And one tradition we cannot leave is giving hampers to those closest to us. While keeping your physical distance, you can send Ramadan hampers through the following online shops to your loved ones.

1. AGLER® Chocolate

Agler Chocolate is specialized in making chocolate hampers. For this year’s Ramadan, the store is also ready with exciting hampers packages consist of its exceptional chocolate.
Instagram: agler_chocolate

P: +6281 383 000 533 (WhatsApp/call)
Email: agler.chocolate@gmail.com

2. Anaria Souvenir

Anaria Souvenir offers special Ramadan and Eid hampers with nice and exclusive packaging. The hampers consist of jars and boxes of cookies.
Instagram: anaria_souvenir

3. Pesenparcel

Pesenparcel offers premium Ramadan hampers with stylish and exclusive packaging.
Instagram: pesenparcel

4. Lumee Hampers

Lumee is specialized in making souvenirs to hampers for any occasion. Receiving order without rest, this store is ready to deliver your customized Ramadan hampers to your loved ones.
Instagram: lumeehampers

5. Moria Souvenirs & Hampers

Moria offers hampers with an elegant and stylish design with many choices of packages.
Instagram: le.moria

6. Oditi Kitchen

Oditi Kitchen is known as homemade cookies online shop. It offers some typical Ramadan treats or cookies, as well as packed them in minimalist and pretty hampers.
Instagram: oditi_kitchen