Known as a modern city with malls, cafes, and restaurants, Surabaya actually offers more than that. One of them is the following hidden tourist attractions with mesmerizing natural views and atmosphere. Put them in your bucket list for you to visit later while in the city.

1. Bukit Jamur, Bungah


This tourist attraction, was known as Bukit Dakar, is actually a former limestone quarry. Here you will find mushroom-shaped rocks of various sizes. These mushroom rocks are formed due to erosion that has occurred for years. The stone at the top is stronger than the rock at the bottom. This causes the bottom of the rock to be easily eroded until it finally forms like a mushroom stem. The size of the mushroom rock here varies. Some are less than 1 meter high, others are towering up to 7 meters.

Address: Area Sawah/Kebun, Bungah, Gresik Regency, East Java

2. Bukit Kolam Sumenep

Photo: Atawis

This place was originally used as a shelter for Java chili which was later transformed into a peak with an amazing view. The place that was turned into a swimming pool was on the hilltop. The swimming pool is not too large and can only be used by children. Around the pool, there are many Java chili plants and Moringa leaves owned by local residents. In this place, we will be spoiled with exotic views thanks to its location on the hill. We can also look in all directions, one of which is the beautiful view of the sea in the north.

Address: Desa Bulla’an, Batuputih, Sumenep, East Java

3. Bukit Kapur Sekapuk, Gresik

Photo: Qupas

This hill which is a limestone quarry is formed exotic by mining activities carried out continuously. The mining is not always done above ground level, but also in it. Because of these activities, a number of impressive spots emerged, including the sensation of being underground or in a cave. But caution is still needed if you are here. There are still several points with unstable land, minimal safety facilities, and extremely hot during the day. 

Address: Sekapuk, Ujungpangkah, Gresik, East Java

4. Noko Selayar Island

Gresik Regency, East Java, which borders directly with Surabaya on the southwest side actually has a natural charm that is not widely known by the public. Just like far in the sea area, Gresik has a hidden paradise called Noko Island or often also called Noko Selayar. A small beach with clean white sand and arising sand that extends in the middle of very clear waters. Noko Selayar is located on the east side of Bawean Island, an endemic island of one of the animals that had become the mascot of the 2018 Asian Games, then Bawean Deer. To get to Noko Selayar Island, you can reach it by speed boot or motorboat about 20 minutes from Bawean Island.

Address: Bawean, Sungairujing, Sangkapura, Gresik, East Jawa

5. Tanjung Gaang (Gaang Cape)

Photo: Airwavesofficial

You will be treated to a variety of special things here, ranging from beautiful landscapes, impressive underwater panoramas, and the naturalness and tranquility of coastal areas far from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are two ways to enjoy the privileges of Tanjung Gaang, by canoeing using a fishing boat, or climbing to rock and watching the view from a height.

Address: Desa Kumalasa, Sangkapura, Gresik, East Java

6. Grojogan Candi Waterfall

If you go to Bawean Island, don’t forget to stop by this exotic waterfall. The waterfall not far from Lake Kastoba is so beautiful and charming surrounded by lush wild and green trees.

Address: Dusun Candi, Desa Paromaan, Tambak, Pulau Bawean, Gresik, East Java


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