Enjoy special dining experiences during the holy month of Ramadhan in classy splendor with Jelajah Indonesia-themed. Complying with the new government’s social regulation, JW Marriott Surabaya offers a wide range of selection of buffet feasts from Sabang to Merauke, helmed by our Executive Chef Andri Aryono.

Buffet Ramadan

Located at the heart of Surabaya’s most buzzing district, JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya is a mainstay for luxury offerings. With excellent service and stylish elegance, the hotel caters to travelers who seeking a haven of serenity in the city center. Welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya is enticing guests with various special promotions, from daily Iftar or Breakfasting at Pavilion Restaurant, home service or delivery, Ramadan hampers and special takeaways during Eid al-Fitri.

Available daily during the Ramadhan month, indulge for Iftar with fine selections at Pavilion Restaurant. themed “Jelajah Indonesia”, Executive Chef Andri Aryono and his team explore the secret recipes, the all-day dining venue is presenting many local culinary dishes from across the archipelago. Find tantalizing dishes, such as Ikan Bakar Samarinda, Bebek Ireng Madura, Ayam Cincane, Bebek Betutu, Gulai Kikil Padang, Nila Masak Arsik, and more. Start from IDR 245.000 net per person, guest can enjoy all the tantalizing menus served. For those who would like to enjoy the breakfasting in private it’s also available for group with minimum 30 persons at start from IDR 220.000,- at our Nusantara function room.

Delivery Rantang Jelajah Bali & Sulawesi Set Menu

There is a convenient and safe delivery service enabling customers to enjoy various Ramadhan dishes at the comfort of their own homes, prepared by Pavilion Restaurant’s culinary team.

There are four (4) available menu options ranging from different parts of Indonesia, such as: Jelajah Bali, Sulawesi, Jawa, and Sumatra set menu. Each set is inclusive of takjil, appetizers, main course, soup, vegetables, various homemade sambal, crackers, rice, and desserts, unique to each cuisine.

Delivery Rantang Jawa & Sumatra Set Menu

A set menu for up to 2 and 4 persons starts from IDR 165,000 net per person, while a portion for up to 8 persons also available in customized and deliver using Rantang. Each set menu includes a bottle of healthy Jammu, a herbal elixir to boost immunity naturally. For customers who would like to give to others, the cashback if customer return the “Rantang” will be donated value at Rp 50.000- net per set.

“One of the dishes that I would like to highlight is Nasi Kebuli Kambing Guling – a menu from Sumatra”, says Executive Chef Andri Aryono. “It is reminiscent of my childhood, as my mother used to cook that dish with love”, adds Chef Andri who has a passion for Indonesian heritage recipes.

Ramadan Hampers

For hampers, JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya also prepared exclusive hampers as the perfect gift for colleagues, family, and friend. Available in four packages start from IDR 588.000,- net , the hampers include the hampers include Ramadan favorite treats, such as nastar, dates cake, spikoe soerabaja, kastengel, raisin, sagu keju, chocolate chip cookies, as well as special cold brew hampers from SBCo – (Surabaya Baking Company).

Through ‘JW CARES’ social initiative, JW Marriott Surabaya will donate 5% from the total sales of ‘iftar Delivery’ along with other products to the community, as well as providing complimentary boxes for drivers who pick up the orders. These initiatives will also support JW Marriott Surabaya’s own associates and take care of customers by providing a convenient delivery service and complimentary healthy Jamu for each purchase.

To complete the program, JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya also offers a luxury Ramadhan staycation Rp 1.250.000,- at our spacious Deluxe Premium Room with Surabaya City view , Predawn meal or Sahur or breakfast for two person, iftar or breakfasting for two person, high speed internet access, unlimited access to health club or fitness center to keep your body fit.

For more information and/or reservation, please call 0315458888 or Whatsapp 08113529279 for restaurant or 08113529307 Whatsapp for room reservation or visit our Bahasa Indonesia website https://id.jwmarriottsurabaya.com/