Golden Tulip Holland Resort Batu just launched a western and luxury-themed restaurant “Infinite8 Bar & Grill”.

Infinite8 is adopted from the word “Infinity” which means unlimited while the number 8 is taken from the infinity symbol and the bar that forms number 8. The interior of Infinite8 is made so magnificent that can occupy up to 217 people with comfortable seatings of indoor and outdoor with a mountain view as a backdrop.

“Hopefully in the future, the presence of Infinite8 Bar & Grill can add fine dining options for guests who travel to Batu. With 5-star taste and excellent service, Infinite8 Bar & Grill will be the best hang-out destination for guests,” said Saiful Rizal as Executive Assistant Manager of Golden Tulip Holland Resort Batu. In addition, with the luxury value offered, management hopes that Infinite8 Bar & Grill can be widely known as the previous outlet which has proven to be an option for tourists and foodies which is Skydome Lounge and Bar.

A different concept from Skydome Lounge and Bar which serves oriental food, Infinite8 Bar & Grill serves western food menus such as Steak, Pasta, and Pizza. Guests are also expected to chill and relax herewith a wide selection of cocktails here.

Reservation information for Infinite8 Bar & Grill can be seen through the Instagram account or contact at whatsapp number +62 878 3800 2000.