Well-aware of its solid reputation among foodies in the know, Cuca is ready to once again hit Surabaya by storm taking over the three signature restaurants at the 5-star luxurious award-winning Vasa Hotel.

Vasa Hotel Surabaya is designed to bring guests an upscale modern-day hotel experience. Perfectly located in the heart of West Surabaya and boasting an extravagant design, the hotel offers an innovative blend of business style, comfort, excellent service, art and technology.

Embracing the hotel´s invitation and philosophy of dining being a crucial part of their guests’ experience, Cuca is determined to bring its true soul to a set of dinners hosted at Vasa’s enticing array of restaurants. Starting at 209 Dining, a relaxed restaurant designed to offer a casual yet sophisticated dining experience, continuing at Xiang Fu Hai, renown for the healthiest, freshest, and most authentic Chinese and Cantonese cuisine and ending the tour at Chamas, the first Brazilian Churrascaria Restaurant in Surabaya. All part of Cuca’s signature Gastro Tours, now in its epic seventh year, celebrating fiendishly inventive gastronomic extravaganzas and collaborations at exceptional venues and fabulous locations across Asia Pacific. 

At this three-evening event, Surabaya’s guests hungry for something different will enjoy a special menu featuring Cuca’s classiest acts and best-selling recipes. Among classics like “BBQ Octopus”, Bali’s famed restaurant is also bringing its latest creations “Popcorn Chicken” and “Beef Bone and Marrow” and a few new sweets alongside their show-stopping and star dessert Bali Breakfast.

From Cuca, guests can expect dishes bursting with flavor, house-made with western cooking techniques and the uncompromising use of 100% premium natural products sourced from across Indonesia. All seasoned with up-tempo jazz-techno swing, and snappily orchestrated by Vasa’s super crew and Cuca’s entire senior team lead by the fearlessly creative Chef Kevin Cherkas, whose super-impressive culinary resume reveals stints at three Michelin-starred restaurants in New York and Spain, including the legendary El Bulli. Three soirees packed with all the well thought details that have made Cuca one of the most celebrated foodie destinations in the whole Southeast Asia and an event that will surely surpass guests’ expectations to become an endless pleasure.

Jl. HR Muhamad No. 31
Surabaya – 60189 Indonesia