Chinese New Year 2022 celebration is quite special for PALM PARK Hotel & Convention Surabaya by visiting the Wisata Kampung Pecinan (WKP). This tourist village is only about 15 minutes from the hotel. Located on Kapasan Dalam Street or behind the Boen Bio Kapasan Temple, there are many interesting objects that can be enjoyed when entering this old Chinatown. If you enter through the side of the Boen Bio Kapasan Temple, you will see a dragon gate and a restaurant that also has a photo spot with Chinese nuances. There is another dragon gate that was built on the other side of the village. This also becomes the main attraction when visiting here. “In the future there will be a total of 9 dragons built in the Wisata Kampung Pecinan (WKP) area with the hope that Wisata Kampung Pecinan (WKP) can become one of the main destinations when visiting Surabaya,” said Bobby, one of the management of Wisata Kampung Pecinan (WKP).

Hundreds of lanterns were hung along the village streets, and the feel of mainland China was increasingly felt with rows of murals and exterior designs that adorn every corner of the village. A lot of history is inscribed in Kapasan Dalam village which is also known as Kungfu Village.

Another charm of this tourist village is that they also have a food court area which is usually used to gather also for local residents, thus giving a thick Chinatown feel and becoming a special attraction for visitors to take pictures and travel. This is also what makes PALM PARK Hotel & Convention visit and capture the moment of the 2022 Chinese New Year (IMLEK) celebration here. Various beautiful photos are produced through a combination of beautiful cheongsam clothes with the heritage atmosphere of Wisata Kampung Pecinan (WKP). “This activity also aims to provide information to our guests or tourists that staying at PALM PARK Hotel & Convention Surabaya that there is one historical tourist spot which is good and can be easily accessed from where you are staying,” said Cicilian Kn, General Manager of PALM PARK Hotels & Conventions Surabaya.

“Not only information about Wisata Kampung Pecinan (WKP), information about other tourist areas near the hotel can be seen through our social media, or can also be obtained directly via whatsapp at +62 81133320002 or telephone +62 31 3742000,” she added.