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8 Best Japanese Restaurants in Surabaya

Japanese cuisine is amongst some of Indonesia’s most favorite options. While many Japanese restaurants have mushroomed in the city, only

5 Best Places to Have Brunch in Surabaya

Hands up if you love brunch! Have a perfect brunch with delicious food, beautiful design, and relaxing vibe at these top restaurants in Surabaya

5 Best Thai Restaurants in Surabaya

It is no secret that Thai cuisine is considerably one of the most popular cuisines in the world!

4 Best Indian Restaurants in Surabaya

Indian food in Surabaya is still a growing culinary trend, which is why it is still relatively difficult to spot an Indian restaurant in the city

11 Best Dining Places in Surabaya

11 Best Dining Places in Surabaya Find our comprehensive best dining places in Suarabaya below


For locals, drinking coffee is already a habit, as well as a trendy lifestyle. Excitedly waiting for more coffee shops to open in the city
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