Some museums in Indonesia and around the world have to close their doors temporarily to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Although not closed, social restrictions also prevent us from going to museums. Nonetheless, you can still stop by digital access or virtual tours provided by the relevant museums. In Indonesia, the Ministry of Education and Culture also facilitates access to this virtual tour. Not only in Indonesia, but we can also stop at some of the famous museums abroad through this virtual tour access. Here is the list.


National Museum, Jakarta

The National Museum of Indonesia, is an archeological, historical, ethnological, and geographical museum located in Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta, right on the west side of Merdeka Square. Popularly known as the Elephant Building after the elephant statue in its forecourt.

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Maritime Museum, Jakarta

The Maritime Museum is located in the old Sunda Kelapa harbor area in Penjaringan Administrative Village, Penjaringan Subdistrict, Jakarta, Indonesia. The museum focuses on the maritime history of Indonesia and the importance of the sea to the economy of present-day Indonesia. The museum displays photographs of ports and marine affairs from 1850 after the industrial revolution to 2018. At the Maritime Museum, you will also find a variety of miniature ships from the traditional to modern times complete with navigation equipment and cranes that have begun to use industrial technology.

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Presidential Museum Balai Kirti, Bogor

The Indonesian Presidential Museum Balai Kirti functions as a recreational and educational vehicle to obtain information from memorabilia and visual presentations from the Presidents of Indonesia. Here, visitors can appreciate, appreciate, and emulate the steps and achievements that have been achieved by each President of the Republic of Indonesia during his service period.

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Asian-African Museum, Bandung

The museum collects, manages, and presents the public all the books, magazines, newspapers, other publications, and documents containing details and information on the activities, role, and social culture of the Asian African nations and developing countries in the international life and political platform. The museum also facilitates researchers relating with Asia, Africa, and developing countries for education and scientific purposes for Indonesian people and youth, for the youth of Asian-African Countries in general, as well as providing inputs for the government to conduct its foreign policy.

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Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA), Bali

Some of the major purposes of ARMA are to preserve artworks, to develop and preserve the art of painting, sculpture, dance, music, and various other cultural art forms; to provide means and infrastructure for local society to learn various artistic skills. The permanent exhibition of paintings by Balinese, Indonesian, and foreign artists includes the collections of the ARMA Foundation and works on loan from the collections of Mr. and Mrs. Agung Rai. The paintings range from traditional to contemporary, including Classical Kamasan painting on tree bark, Masterpieces by Batuan artist of the 1930s and 1940s, The only works to be seen on the island of Bali by 19th-century Javanese artist Raden Saleh Syarif Bustaman, and German painter Walter Spies.

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Sangiran Museum of Early Man, Central Java

The museum is adjacent to the Sangiran archaeological site which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sangiran site is located in the Sangiran Dome area which is part of the Solo depression, at the foot of Mount Lawu (17 km from the city of Solo). Sangiran Museum and its archeological sites, besides being an interesting tourist attraction, is also an arena of research on the most important and most complete prehistoric life in Asia, even the world. At the Sangiran museum and site, you can get complete information about the patterns of ancient man life in Java that contributed to the development of science, such as Anthropology, Archeology, Geology, and Paleoanthropology. At the Sangiran site, for the first time, a fossil of the Pithecanthropus Erectus’s lower jaw was discovered by a German archaeologist, Professor Von Koenigswald.

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Sri Baduga Museum, Bandung

Sri Baduga Museum is a state museum located in Bandung, Indonesia. As a state museum, the museum features various items related to the province of West Java, such as Sundanese crafts, furnishings, geologic history, and natural diversity.

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Museum Textile, Jakarta


The textile museum exhibits many kinds of Indonesian traditional weaving such as Javanese batik, Batak ulos, and ikat. There are also displays of traditional weaving instruments and equipment for textile production.

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Museum of Fine Art and Ceramics, Jakarta

The museum is dedicated especially to the display of traditional fine art and ceramics of Indonesia. The museum is located on the east side of Fatahillah Square, near Jakarta History Museum and Wayang Museum. The museum presents a collection of works by Indonesian artists from the 1800s to the present.

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