Modern people, including your kids, are so accustomed to structure or routine. So, when it’s broken, the situation will lead to boredom or even stress. Especially during #StayatHome when there is too much togetherness, the stress is rather harder to handle. Here are some simple things you can do to tackle stress or boredom you and your kids face during #StayatHome.

1. Breathing exercise

If the anxiety comes to you or your kids, breathing exercise is a useful initial treatment. Take a basic breathing exercise that your kids can follow. Before starting, make sure to choose the most comfortable space. The basic breathing exercise includes these steps:
– Close your eyes
– Count on five while slowly take a deep breath through your nose. Your chest should barely move, while your belly rises
– Hold your breath while counting to five, or as long as you can
– Then, breathe out slowly through your mouth while counting to five
– Repeat for 10 minutes.

To make it more fun, you and your kids can take the lion breathing exercise. This breathing exercise is the time your kids can make silly faces and roar like a lion. The steps include:
– Kneel with feet under the seat
– Place your hands on your knees, straighten the arm, and extend the fingers
– Inhale slowly through your nose, then exhale strongly through the mouth
– While exhaling, make a “ha” sound, open the mouth wide, and stick the tongue as far out as possible
– Repeat this for 10 minute

For a step further to breathing exercise, you and your kids can practice mediation. After taking the breathing exercise, close your eyes, look down, and start listening carefully to any sound around you. After that, start focusing to listen to sound nearest you, like the sound of your breathing. To practice mediation, you and your kids can follow the steps on some phone apps available to download or the guide of mediation gurus on YouTube.

2. Mindful drawing

Mindful drawing is part of mindfulness exercise where we are being aware or bringing attention to the present moment, to calmly accept feelings and thoughts. That’s why to make this drawing exercise is mindful, you need to stay in the present. Which means, the drawing is something related to your present thought, feeling, or surroundings. The easiest one is to sit and draw whatever is around you, be it an object or smell. Take your time to observe before you start drawing. Your drawing can in the form of real-life objects, or your waves, circle, or any other shape.

Happy Teepee comes with a mindful art timeline called Family Canvas Challenge. Go to Instagram for more information.

3. Reading aloud

Especially when you or your kids face boredom at home, reading aloud is actually more interesting than silent reading. It will lead to more fun conversation or communication because both of you can discuss the story. Or, you can also give a reaction to what you read and encourage them to do so. The key is to find the right books to read. The best suggestion could be your kid’s favorites or anything about fairytales or comedy. Something light, fun, and can be done on one sit. Reading aloud or listening to it is very helpful to distract the boredom. As well as beneficial to toddles, baby, or even you to know more vocabularies, fun trivia, or even empathy.

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4. Give or get a hug

Quoting from, hugs are an amazing way to reduce stress. Studies have also shown that 20-second hug release oxytocin, lowers blood pressure, and decrease stress, helping you or your children calm down. It can also make them feel safe and supported. You can also teach or encourage your kids to do the self-hug for instant comfort when the stress comes. Self-hug is also a good sensory experience for your kids.

5. Practice yoga

The right one if you and your kids are active types. Yoga with kids is such fun as it will distract us from boredom or stress while keeping our body moving. There are three yoga poses especially to ease the stress or anxiety, which are Downward-Facing Dog, Tree Pose, and Mountain Pose.

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6. Play with brain

Play with the brain which means use the brain to do something fun unrelated to the worry or stress you and your kids face. It can be as simple as counting backward or play educational toys together, like a puzzle, crosswords, etc. Working on something not related to the worry will help you and your kids manage a stressful situation.

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