17 years ago, Starbucks entered the Indonesian market and opened its first store in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. Currently operating in 25 cities across Indonesia with 402 stores, Starbucks always look for ways to increase our contribution to society through the business. This is aligned with Starbucks 17th anniversary theme, ‘We are Community’.

To commemorate its 17th anniversary, Starbucks collaborated with The Special ID to launch a series of exclusive merchandise on the anniversary series. The Special ID is a social enterprise that was established by the teachers of the Art Therapy Center Widyatama that connects diffable creators with people who are interested in their work. The exclusive collection consists of a tumbler and tote bag that displays three unique designs made by children with special needs.

“Helping local communities thrive and inspiring change to make a difference has always been core to Starbucks culture and values. From providing access to clean water to empowering youth, everything we have done is an affirmation of our commitment towards making a difference. In addition, the special collaboration with the Special ID is an opportunity for Starbucks to recognize Indonesian millennials with special talents. We hope this opportunity will encourage other millennials to unleash their potentials. We will always continue to be part of the community along its journey,” said Liryawati, chief marketing officer, Starbucks Indonesia.

Each design is unique and expresses the artist’s passion. Their designs can be seen in Tumblers and tote bags in all stores across Indonesia and part of its sales will proceed to The Special ID.

by Hendra Gunawan
Showcasing Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or ‘United in Diversity’, Hendra sees the beauty in differences. More than just faces, the drawings represent the diversity of the country.

Let’s Travel
by Fatur Ridho
Fatur loves to virtually travel using google maps and drawing. Through his two hobbies, he loves to pour his imagination into his drawing. He takes his imagination from objects he sees daily and wishes to visit the world landmarks someday.

Milo the Cat
by Claudia Panca
A proud Bandung native, Claudia is currently in junior year college majoring in Graphic Design. A lover of cats, she highlights her design with a vibrant yellow color which we all love and tells a story about Milo the Cat. Milo is such a cute cat with soft fur who always smiles while he sleeps.

“We can assure this collaboration will motivate other children with a special need, foster optimism for us as their instructor and certainly uplifting their parents. Starbucks has set an example for all of us, caring for future employment opportunities for children and encouraging inclusive growth in Indonesia. This is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) no. 8 which is to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth,” said Firli Heriana, founder, The Special ID and Lecturer at Art Therapy Center Widyatama.

Dr. Anne Nurfarina., M. Sn., Director, Art Therapy Center Widyatama who was also present said, “It is an honor to be able to work together to empower our students with special needs in Art Therapy Center Widyatama. Through creative arts and design programs, this shows that Starbucks realize the importance of inclusion and understand that every human being has an equal opportunity to succeed. I would like to give my greatest highest appreciation for Starbucks. Hopefully, on this 17th anniversary, Starbucks will become more successful!”

Over the years, more than 4,000 partners (employee) have participated in more than 100 community service projects, contributing nearly 200,000 community service hours and impacting hundreds of communities across Indonesia. Starbucks will continue to build momentum in Indonesia through growth initiatives and continuously connecting with communities through the Starbucks Experience.