The earthquake aftermath that occurred back in July 2018 rocked the island of Lombok and its surrounding islands. The sluggishness from the tourism sector had a large economic impact not only in the regions, but for a national scale. Gradually, Lombok has begun to recover thanks to the support of the government and from the private sector who work together to improve all facilities that support tourism needs. Now, Lombok Island can gradually smile again with the attention of local and foreign tourists who have started to spend some ‘me time’ there again.

Based on our common interest and a little bit of favoritism, we tried Gili Air as a tourist attraction this time. Compared to Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, Gili Air is the island closest to Lombok Island.

To reach Gili Air, there are many alternatives. For example, visitors can hop in using a motorboat from Pelabuhan Bangsal or Teluk Nara in Lombok with a distance of about 25 to 30 minutes depending on the wave. The price of each boat around is also varied depending on each service. Some start from IDR 8,000 to IDR 30,000. If you want to be more private, then book on a large-scale full boat charter with prices starting from IDR 200,000 one way.

Tourist arrived at Gili Air Harbour – Pic by: Dody Wiraseto

Swimming & Snorkeling
Swimming along the east coast of the beach is fairly safe because it is shallow. With a beautiful stretch of white sand, you will be mesmerized to a beautiful cluster of coral reefs. Snorkeling equipment is usually available at local operators and they will give instructions on which direction for some amazing sea adventures spots.

Dive center ships can also fulfill your exploration spirit under the sea. The most popular point for photographers is either Gili Air Wall or Han’s Reef which have a depth of about 5 to 24 meters. It is expected to be able to see unique types of fish such as Cuttlefish, Scorpionfish, Peacock Mantis Shrimp, Sweetlips, and many more.

Gili Air Beach & Coast Line – Pic by: Dody Wiraseto

Basking the Sun
Unlike Gili Trawangan which is more popular, Gili Air is likely to be still not packed. This condition makes the beach atmosphere still very pristine. Relax on the white sandy beach while listening to the waves and the gentle breeze. Floating in crystal clear sea water with turquoise gradations is a perfect idea. Both beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset can also be seen here.

Stolling down the beach or soak up the sun is always perfect here – Pic by: Dody Wiraseto

Cycling Around
In every day hustle the bustle, riding a bicycle around the island is an affordable entertainment alternative. The island is quite small, so it only takes a few hours to explore every corner of the island. Moreover, supported by the kind hospitality from the locals, you can all chat and mingle to blend with them. Plus, if stumbled upon on eastern side of the island, a peek of Mount Rinjani from across the island can be seen.

Free from pollution, cycle everywhere – Pic by: Dody Wiraseto

Nightlife Scene
Spending time on Gili Air at night is equally interesting. Nightlife here can be said to be more serene and relaxed but still vibing the heartbeat. Although not as busy as Gili Trawangan, the bar scene with gentle music ignites the atmosphere even more romantic. Try visiting, Lucky’s, Mowie’s Bar, Legend Bar, Zipp Bar, BOOgils, Pachamama, and so on.

Nightlife is Gili is always vibrant – Pic by: Dody Wiraseto

More accommodations are slowly starting to spring up. Of course, there’s a fair cross section of the options that appeal to all budgets. For travelers who have a limited budget, your lodging solution is to rent guest house/homestay around the beach. The budget is starting around IDR 100,000 per night. The higher the price the more add-on features you’ll get.

To pamper for a more luxurious life, there are dozens of villas and resorts offered. Luckily we tried to spend the night at Mola-Mola Resort Gili Air Lombok which is located in the Southwest of Gili Air Island. A precise beach front location with the most stunning sunset views of the island. Mola-Mola Resort Gili Air Lombok is perfectly nestled at the quiet part of the island, where many water activities can be done such diving, snorkeling, sea kayak, and more.

The resort is comfortably equipped of a two-stories building, the traditional Lumbung Style and Deluxe Suite that offer a modern style and luxury. Perfect sanctuary to catch some z’s. Uniquely designed to provide comfort and full relaxation, Mola-Mola Resort Gili Air Lombok is sure a friendly enjoyable tropical ambiance for a short getaway with friends or with a family or for some lovebirds.

Mola Mola Resort – Pic by: Dody Wiraseto

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