Grand Aston Hotel & Convention Center as part of the Archipelago International hotel chain is proud to receive the ‘Safe Travels’ certification from the World Travel & Tourism Council, in recognition of its commitment to ensuring health and safety protocols are implemented in all functions that are relevant. Our main commitment now is cleanliness which includes hygiene and health while guests are inside the hotel area. Starting with the greeting “namaste” to reduce transmission of the virus, we have ordered all our officers not to handshakes between themselves or with guests.

We require all officers and guests to wash their hands as often as possible and also use hand sanitizers regularly, we even instruct our officers to keep a distance of 2 meters when talking to each other or with guests. Employees have checked body temperature, required to wash their hands, wear hotel uniforms, and add personal protective uniforms (masks and gloves). Any staff who suffers from coughing or fever is not allowed to work and staff who feel unwell are required to rest at home. Staff in special areas such as Front Office, Housekeeping and Food & Beverages, we add personal protective equipment for the safety of officers and guests, namely face shields and PPE when spraying disinfectants.

All guests must cover their mouth and nose by using a mask all the time in the hotel area and check their body temperature before entering the hotel area or outlet. They must use colored stickers that explain body temperature after going through the safety disinfectant chamber and use hand sanitizer. Keep a distance of 2 meters from another guest and our staff also must be applied while in the hotel area. We hope that guests can follow the safety path while on the elevator or try not to share the elevator with other guests.

Our touchless transaction system has actually existed since long ago such as; guest registration, payment via bank transfer, sending invoices by email, and also communicating with Butler Chat staff 24 hours (using the Archipelago Membership application) for any needs while staying at the hotel. Or with the convenience of other ways press the number 0 (zero) from the guest room for any assistance that can be served.

Grand Aston Yogyakarta Hotel & Convention Center
Jl. Urip Sumoharjo No. 37 Yogyakarta 55222
T: (0274) 566 999