Inspired by the aviation world & hustling commercial flight, Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta going to hold one exquisite New Year’s Eve party in a big title of “ALTITUDE 81”. Taking place at The Kasultanan Ballroom, ALTITUDE 81 starring two of the best guest stars in Indonesia’s music industry; living legend pop-rock band GIGI and young beautiful diva ANGEL PIETERS. The night is hosted by the most popular MC in Yogyakarta, Tio Andito & Santi Zaidan. Also performing LED sticks dance with live percussions FLOWNESIA, live band & chamber JAVA ENSEMBLE and after-party DJ session with THE MEGAHITS.


Before the spectacular show from 8 till midnight at one of the largest ballroom in Yogyakarta, guests with a boarding pass to ALTITUDE 81 on categories Gold & Platinum will enjoy a lavish buffet dinner at SamaZana Restaurant, while Diamond class savor the best of year-end festive at The Executive Lounge. The night is for everyone too, Food Festival at Alun-Alun Ambarrukmo open for public and end up with a dazzling fireworks show by The Ambarrukmo from the rooftop of Plaza Ambarrukmo.

Win a chance to get a grand prize to Macau including flight tickets for 2 persons and 5-star hotel accommodation. Lots of door prizes between the live show from GIGI & ANGEL PIETERS await all guests from Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond.

The boarding pass for ALTITUDE 81 starting from Silver at only IDR 289,000, Gold at IDR 589.000, Platinum at IDR 1.200.000 and Diamond with the front-row table at IDR 1,500,000. Book the boarding pass today on, atrium Plaza Ambarrukmo, and Punika Deli. Room packages including access to the show of the year are also available, starting from IDR 3,060,000 for Deluxe Room.

More info and details, log on to, dial 0274 488 488 and follow Instagram @royalambarrukmo.

Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta
Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No. 81, Yogyakarta
Phone: +62 274 488 488