Started 11 years ago, the first time Pupuk Dinosaurus was being developed using the best formula in bio-organic fertilizer production. This bio-organic fertilizer was being produced to support Indonesian farmers in East Nusa Tenggara and Yogyakarta. The main purpose is to help the farmers in these areas to enable them to grow their harvests much better.

From this product development which was founded on local heritage and combined with modern bio-technology, bio-organic fertilizer Pupuk Dinosaurus was innovated. Since then, Pupuk Dinosaurus is being distributed widely to the market in all over Indonesia and has become the best solution for fertilizing the soils in the agricultural land and for farmers who need a bio-organic fertilizer as a solution to increase their harvests and their businesses.

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture in Indonesia

Pupuk Dinosaurus also strives a sustainable agriculture in Indonesia. It all started from a corporate social responsibility project that was being initiated together with the farmers at East Nusa Tenggara. Bio-organic fertilizer Pupuk Dinosaurus was being produced to restore the soil condition which has been damaged and became unproductive, and to increase the harvest in an organic way that resulted as sustainable agriculture. The usage of chemical fertilizer and an overdose pesticide has damaged the soil in agriculture land and the productivity has been decreased too. The toxic substantial contained in chemical fertilizers has dried the soil and it lost its natural nutrient elements. The soil also became acid that killed the micro bacterial and ruined the ecosystem which is important in producing the nutrient elements for the agriculture land. This is where a bio-organic fertilizer takes an important part to fix the damage due to the micro bacterial inside this fertilizer can restore back the soil conditions so it becomes fertile and productive.  

100% Made in Indonesia

Bio-organic fertilizer Pupuk Dinosaurus is a local produce, made in Indonesia and has a proven great quality. Other than fixing the damaged soil and restoring the fertility of the soil, this bio-organic fertilizer can also boost the nitrogen fixation of the plantation, produce the growth enzyme which will fasten the growth of the fruits, increase the harvest, protect the plantation from the pathogens that cause disease and improve the natural resistance of the plantation.

Pupuk Dinosaurus has been used at demonstration plots in several areas in Indonesia from Bogor and Cianjur in West Java, Indramayu and Situbondo in East Java to Tungkaran Banjar in South Kalimantan. The benefits can be seen significantly from the 100% increment of the harvest and reducing the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticide up to 50% hence it is also saving the cost.

Some successful harvest results coming from those demonstration plots are:

  1. Chinese Cabbage farm at Cianjur owned by Mang Apep

The increment of the harvest is up to 100% and faster harvesting time than before. The plants are much healthier and it can be seen from the fresh leaves.

  1. Red Onion / Shallots farm in Situbondo, East Java

The increment of the harvest is up to 26% and faster harvesting time than before. The plants are much resistant to disease.

Initiating Natural Farming Concept

Other than socializing the benefits of bio-organic fertilizers to the farmers, Pupuk Dinosaurus also keeps promoting a sustainable agriculture by initiating a natural farming. Managed greatly by a young entrepreneur, Freddy Wijaya who currently holds a position as the Founder of PT. Pramudita Darya Parma, the manufacturer of Pupuk Dinosaurus in Indonesia, this 29 years old gentleman is also applying a concept of ‘pest controlling’ instead of ‘pest repelling’.   

Photo courtesy: Warta Ekonomi

“By recognizing the nature of the pest, farmers will be able to utilize the natural pest exterminator and refugia plants (plants that grow around cultivated plants, which have the potential as a shelter and a source of food for natural pest either predators or parasites). This is done so that the preservation of natural pest is created properly and it can be controlled without using any chemical pesticide that is dangerous for human being and the nature” said Freddy. “We will always support Indonesian farmers wholeheartedly, in order to create welfare for them and a sustainable agriculture for Indonesia to be passed on to the next generation of the nation” he added.

About PT. Pramudita Darya Parma

PT. Pramudita Darya Parma is a local company established in 2018 and producing the bio-organic fertilizer, Pupuk Dinosaurus. The factory is sited at Jl. Letda Nasir No.27, Cikeas Udik, Gunung Putri, Bogor, West Java. The production capacity is reaching up to 200.000 litre per month. Pupuk Dinosaurus has been used and recommended  by the local government, and available at its official e-catalog. It is also available at your nearest farm store or through e-commerce platforms such as Tokopedia dan Shopee.