Dilmah Tea proudly presents Robert Schinkel, Brand Ambassador of Dilmah Tea Mixology at Dilmah t- Lounge at The Papilion Pacific Place Jakarta in the fun casual Af t Noon by Dilmah Tea on September 13, 2019.

Robert Schinkel is a tea sommelier and cocktail bartender from The Netherlands. He started out his career during his study political sciences at the University of Amsterdam working in various bars and restaurants. It was there where he discovered his talent for hospitality and mixing drinks. He has been Dilmah’s expert on tea mixology for the past seven years.  For Dilmah Tea he has created many recipe books full of new tea-based drinks. He is one of the speakers at the Dilmah International School of Tea, inspiring attendants from all over the world to look at tea from a different angle.

Robert Schinkel with Dilmah t-Lounge and Huize van Wely created Afternoon Tea Session, the guests were welcomed to the Af t Noon with its special mocktail made with Lapsang Souchong, Smoked Tea and delicious Canapé prepared by Huize Van Wely. In the beautiful and fun afternoon Ms. Eliawati Erly, Vice President PT.  David Roy Indonesia, the sole agent and distributor of Dilmah Tea in Indonesia greeted the guests while Robert Schinkel shared some of his knowledge of tea and mixology. The highlight of the day was a demonstration by Robert with the making of his special drinks for the guests. The special drink he created was Two Teas in Different Way at the same time. He used Chilled Dilmah Rose Tea with French Vanilla, Peach Brine, White Chocolate syrup and Zest of Orange in a wine glass and Jasmin Green Tea in a pot with dry ice was for the mist effect. The two different teas and the rest of ingredients were blended into the wine glass created Jasmin fragrance with twist of Rose with Vanilla flavor. A long with his drink, the guests were served with the delicious cakes prepared by the winners of Tea Inspiration for the 21st Century (Ti21) competition. The Papilion team won The Best Tea Inspired Food at the Dilmah Tea competition which was successfully held on last August 19-20, 2019. The Gold Medalists are Bartender Ellyas Syaban and Pastry Chef, Saskia Auryn Nugraha

The Best Tea Inspired Food from Ti21 competition made and paired with Dilmah Tea;

The Best Tea Infused Dessert Religieuse

Tea Pairing
Dewdrop paired with Ceylon Green Tea & Zomerse paired with Sencha Green Tea

Af t Noon was spiced up by lucky draws and the tea mixology competition for all the friends from media and partners attended the event. There were 5 tables were challenged in the competition to fix their Tea Inspired Drinks. Robert guided the participants during the competition and made the mixology looks fun and easy. The participants were excited and had so much fun mixing drinks. There were two drinks from two tables that were equally good. As the judge, Robert chose the best drink from Table 4 too be the winner. The winner fixed their Inspired Tea with Green Tea, Pineapple and Lychee syrup, and the runner-up was Table 1, the runner up mixed Black Tea with peach and mango syrup without sugar. The winners received the prizes from Dilmah Tea and Huize van Wely.

Dilmah tea expands its international network through t-Lounge in a relation with Huize van Wely Jakarta, the tea room that we are familiar with is the deepening of tradition, packed in a more modern way by t-Lounge by Dilmah.

Dilmah t-Lounge at Huize van Wely, Pacific Place Mall Jakarta is the first Dilmah tea lounge in Indonesia. Carrying a different concept from other existing lounges, Dilmah t-Lounge provides new innovations in food and beverages, as well as in marketing food and drinks from Huize Van Wely. Through hand-picked tea, supported by a calm and comfortable atmosphere, and a warm and chic style, guests will be spoiled with a range of luxuries from selected tea leaves and tea-inspired dishes, starting with drinks, desserts and cocktails.