As a native Indonesian company, Plataran has a vision “For Indonesia and the Indonesian People” and carries the slogan #HospitalityWithImpact with high integrity. This spirit is reflected through the three pillars that form the core of every aspect of Plataran’s efforts to achieve this vision, namely: Nature, Culture, and Society.

Being the center of Indonesian Ecotourism and a true Indonesian icon, Plataran Indonesia always strives to provide the foremost and best services, even in challenging times. After more or less two years of wading through this global pandemic, especially for the tourism industry, it seems that the bright light has been seen as the pandemic has turned into an endemic. According to Kemenparekraf statistics, foreign tourist visits to Indonesia in March 2022 experienced a rapid jump of 40,790 visits or similar to 206.25% compared to March 2021 which amounted to 13,319 visits. This is welcomed by Plataran who is often prepared to host tourists returning to beautiful and amazing exotic locations. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Plataran has ensured safe and healthy protocols in welcoming domestic and international tourists as a substantial dedication to Indonesian ecotourism.

Plataran is proud of originality, authenticity, creativity, pioneering, endless improvement, legendary, iconic, and identity, and also invites other business actors to be part of the growth of this industry. Integrity is an important foundation in building an industry that upholds professionalism. Plataran is happy to inspire, and at the same time is ready to take a firm stand against unfair competition and has a violation of the law.

Furthermore, following up on the commitment to preserving Indonesian culture as part of the ‘Plataran for the Heritage’ program, Plataran supports the government in efforts to maintain and preserve the Borobudur Temple in ways that have been adapted. This is also a form of responsibility and participation in the preservation of Indonesian and world heritage sites. Meanwhile, through another Plataran program entitled ‘Plataran for the Earth‘, every guest of Plataran Hotels & Resorts throughout Indonesia has participated in planting one tree for each guest in the West Bali National Park.

There is also another Plataran campaign, namely, ‘Plataran for the People‘ where Plataran seeks to strengthen support for MSMEs, including by carrying out supply chain efforts involving MSMEs around property and education about start-up businesses for residents around Plataran, as has been done in Bromo Plateau.

Plataran’s First Semester Flashback in 2022

In the first semester of 2022, Plataran Indonesia as an Award-Winning Hospitality Group made another achievement by being named Plataran Menjangan as “Best of The Best Worlds’ Safari Stay” by the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards whereas in the previous year Plataran Menjangan won the “Best of The Best Worlds’ Safari Stay”. And this year, Plataran Bromo was named the Best of The Best “Hotels for Families – Asia”.

With the spirit of welcoming the endemic, Plataran continues to expand its business through the opening of Patio Bakery in March, Plataran Bromo Suites Extension in March, Enam Langit Extension in March, new look residences at Plataran Komodo in April, and Our After Hours at Langit Senayan in May.

Other important events held at Plataran were the G20 Hospitality Dinner (Finance Track) in February at Plataran Senayan, the visit of President Jokowi and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at Plataran Borobudur in April, Art Jakarta Gardens in April at Hutan Kota by Plataran, Senayan, G20 Side Events in March and May at Plataran Komodo, Miss Universe 2022 Farewell Dinner in May at Plataran Dharmawangsa, and the SEA Games Bike Contingent Victory Parade in May at Hutan Kota by Plataran, Senayan.

Next up at Plataran Indonesia

In June 2022, Plataran will launch a weekend program where Plataran will hold a flower market called Plataran Weekend Flowers Market in Hutan Kota by Plataran, Senayan. This event was launched in order to welcome the rise of MSMEs in the era after the pandemic. Plataran cooperates with producers, artists, and craftsmen, who are part of MSMEs in Jakarta. A total of ten selected business actors were given the opportunity to showcase their production skills to the general public and visitors to Hutan Kota by Plataran, Senayan. In addition to shopping for flowers, event visitors can take part in various workshops such as flower arrangements, pottery, and other activities.

In July, Plataran will participate in the launch of the ‘Platform and Pilot Project Ecotourism Showcase G20’ with a focus on ‘Carbon Footprint: Towards Climate Positive Tourism Through Decarbonization and Ecotourism’ which will be held at Plataran Menjangan. The event, which will be held at Menjangan Plataran, will be attended by Kemenparekraf, Kemenkeu, KemenLHK, Kemendagri who will jointly focus attention and discussion on the issue of climate change and the empowerment of MSMEs.

The second semester has many other plans, one of which is a business expansion in the form of an iconic project in West Java, namely Resort and Dining which is designed with a personal, private, and classy approach typical of Plataran.