When it comes to studying abroad, Indonesia is one of the best countries to choose as an international student. But, with so many options, choosing the right university can be a little confusing. Thereby, the list of universities mentioned below is sure to help you take the right decision.

List of Top 7 Indonesian Universities

International student life is not as fun and fancy as it may sound. It requires hard work, determination and time management. This could mean working part-time to fulfill your financial needs. So, with so many things to handle, you may need help from the best custom essay writing services. But first things first, let’s put the spotlight on the list of top 7 universities in Indonesia to consider:

University of Indonesia (UI)

University of Indonesia is one of the top-ranked and multi-cultural universities in Indonesia. It offers a wide range of academic disciplines. Its rating is 49.5% and they keep adding new programs into their fields of study. Moreover, the university is committed to building the best education system while being a global research center. Its commitment and continuous efforts in the field of research make it one of the top research universities in the world. Furthermore, one thing that makes UI stand out is its contribution to extending its global network.

The University of Indonesia’s ranking is number 1 in Indonesia and 57th in the world. This is why numerous international students choose to study here.

There are two UI campuses; one of them is on around 320 hectares. And since the university promotes ecology, 75 percent of the area is dedicated to forestation. This makes it one of the remarkable university campuses to study in. Furthermore, there are three categories of departments and facilities;

  • Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Science and Technology.
  • Health Sciences.

They offer different programs for students at all levels. This helps them choose a program according to their plan. When admitting them, they use an integrated process of selection called SIMAK. And, the entry in every program requires passing an entry test.

Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)

If you are a fine arts, science, or technology student, this college in Indonesia can be a perfect choice for you. Its overall rating is 48.2% as all the programs run effectively and efficiently.

It is an autonomous institution with a mission to serve the community through research, premium education and service. Additionally, the programs are planned in a way that they benefit each student, regardless of their background. The university has also introduced a system that helps them assess the quality control to achieve their goals. This has helped them calculate risk-taking and encourage ideation. To add, the campus includes research centers in addition to various subject-area centers.

Being one of the best universities in Indonesia, it requires students to submit quality assignments. However, with a tough schedule, some students find it hard to do their best when it comes to assignment writing. In a situation like this, several students look for pre written essays. And that’s completely normal. Students just need to make sure what they are submitting is 100% plagiarism-free.

Gadjah Mada University

This university in Indonesia is a blend of various higher education establishments. During its initial establishing period, it had 6 facilities. These facilities included the Faculty of Law; the Faculty of Medicine; the Faculty of Letters; the Faculty of Engineering, and Philosophy; the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and; the Faculty of Agriculture.

Today, there are 18 faculties along with a vocational school, a doctoral school, and plenty of study programs. Its overall rating is 47.4%.

Bogor Agric University (IPB)

This is yet another university in Indonesia that has international recognition for quality education. Its overall rating is 45.1% and it also owns an award for the most innovative institute in Indonesia.

Their goal is to become a leading institution in innovation towards techno-social entrepreneurship. They aim to excel at an international level in marine, agriculture, and tropical biosciences. So, if you want to grow in these fields, IPB is one of the best choices for you.

With skilled faculty members and an outstanding organizational structure, the university is getting closer to its goal. And once you are enrolled in IPB, you get access to the best educational material for your program. They have a huge library that offers an extensive range of materials in every field of study offered in IPB. On the other hand, IPB also offer exceptional sports facilities for students with interest in various sports. Moreso, the campus has some great restaurants and diners.

All in all, being associated with this remarkable institution helps the students grow professionally as well as personally.

Airlangga University

This university has been altering its structures and names on and off. As a matter of fact, it actually became an entity just 3 years ago in 2017. But, ever since then, it has been committed to become an innovative, independent, and top university in Indonesia and internationally. The Indonesian university ranking for this university is 42.4%. It is continuously working hard to stick to its commitment towards science, technology and Humanities. For that matter, they have developed a strategic plan to help them attain their goal. Besides, they also offer scholarships.

However, there are quite a few programs in this institution that are yet to be accredited. So, while choosing a program, ensure you are aware if that specific program is accredited or not.

Universitas Padjadjaran

This is yet another university in Indonesia that is recognized for quality education. Its overall rating is 40.3% and it has a range of amenities that speak excellence.

Not to mention, the university is known for its strategic use of data for analysis and tracking progress. All students have access to every facility in the campus. Moreover, the best training in each program is provided to the students. This is why students from all over the world love to be associated with this prestigious institution.

Diponegoro University

With overall rating of 38.7%, this institution aims to produce best professionals in every field. From science to arts, the university offers a variety of programs. Each program requires good quality assignment writing. Students with tough work schedule can get writing help at Essay Basics. Although, the faculty members at Diponegoro University are quite helpful; students can contact their research mentors to help them with their assignments, if any difficulty arises.

Indonesia is one of those countries that is committed to taking its educational standards to another level. Consequently, it has become a great research center for students around the world. Therefore, choosing to study in Indonesia can be a good decision for students looking for better opportunities.