On Friday, March 5, 2021, the Directorate General of Taxes of the Republic of Indonesia together with Ortax and Pajak.io held a Webinar Series with a topic on tax inclusion for individuals and SMEs. On the occasion, Pajak.io has introduced “Bee-Jak”, a tax consultant chatbot that can help individuals and SMEs businesses to manage their taxes simply through a WhatsApp application for free.

This technology utilizes Artificial Intelligence in the form of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Bahasa, Bee-Jak chatbot can guide users for purposes such as SMEs monthly taxes calculation, issue billing codes, and set-up tax payment links, and all can be done via WhatsApp.

During an exclusive interview with Pajak.io CEO, Rayhan Gautama stated, “The tax rate for SMEs is relatively low, only half of a percent of the monthly total gross income. However, the payment processes still create confusions in the community, especially those who are not yet familiar with taxes and regulations.”

Moreover, Rayhan added, “Before chatbot technology is being used, SMEs Taxpayers had to make billing codes through Directorate General of Taxes’ web portal, Bank application or through the official Tax Application Service Providers. Followed with payment process to the appointed Banks, Post Office, or other appointed Institutions. And now, all of these processes can be completed only through WhatsApp, only by chat, just like when you chat with friends who understand and a reliable source about taxes. We believe, this solution brings a convenient and new experience for SMEs Taxpayers in encouraging them to fulfill their tax obligations.”

For taxpayers to be able to use the Bee-Jak chatbot must first register as Pajak.io users. Once they are registered, Bee-Jak will guide to proceed with the following steps:  

– At first, Bee-Jak will ask the taxpayers to state the business gross‌ income from a certain tax period, and then Bee-Jak will calculate the taxes must be paid automatically.

– Then follow with printing the billing code that will be used to pay SMEs taxes. This billing code is referring to the Tax Type Code 411128 with the Deposit Type Code 420, regarding Self-Paid SMEs Final Tax.

– Furthermore, Bee-Jak will send a tax payment link via an e-commerce application that has been appointed as one of the tax payment channels by the Directorate General of State Treasury. Taxpayers can copy the issued billing code to directly pay via the application link.

Bee-Jak chatbot by Pajak.io is available in beta version, can be accessed by the public for free via WhatsApp no. +62 881 081 920920. Bee-Jak chatbot is the primary product of Pajak.io, which will be developed continuously to provide a better interactive and optimal experience in tax consultation for taxpayers. In the future target, Pajak.io will also do further development so that Bee-Jak chatbot can provide various tax assistance outside of the SMEs tax in 2021.

The launch of Bee-Jak has received many positive responses from the webinar participants, as well as from the guest speakers involved in the respective area. Hopefully, the presence of Bee-Jak and its features, can be a solution for the SMEs sector and bring contributions to the Republic of Indonesia in the future.