According to a research study conducted in Switzerland and published by the American Chemical Society’s journal Environmental Science & Technology on January 1, 2006, motorbikes collectively emit 16 times more hydrocarbons, 3 times more carbon monoxide and a “disproportionately high” amount of other air pollutants compared to passenger cars. The hydrocarbons emitted by these two-wheeled vehicles have been linked to global warming and are suspected to be carcinogenic, thereby endangering human health.

There is now a great urgency to switch to vehicles that care more for the environment that do not endanger human health. Electric vehicles are the answer and OYIKA has a solution to lower the barriers to electric motorbike (e-motorbike) adoption.

OYIKA is a Singapore venture-backed company that started working on a battery share concept for e-motorbikes in 2018. OYIKA came to Indonesia in 2020 as PT Oyika Powered Solutions and is headed by Larry Lim as President Director. With a battery share concept, OYIKA allows an e-motorbike rider to swap his leased depleted battery for a fully charged one at a swap station. So instead of topping up petrol at a kiosk when the vehicle runs out of fuel, the rider is now topping up on stored power.

Battery share replaces petrol. It is also cheaper. Why battery share? Because concerns for range anxiety, battery degradation, and upfront capital cost are barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles. OYIKA’s solution solves all these issues.

There are presently 120 million motorbikes in Indonesia with less than 0.1% of them electric. Indonesia is the 3rd largest motorbike market in the world, behind India and China, but with a much higher motorbike density. Motobikes represent 85% of the total vehicle population in the country. The introduction of e-motorbikes is therefore the fastest means to reducing vehicle emissions.

Contrary to popular belief, an e-motorbike can be cheaper than a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) motorbike if the concept of battery share were introduced i.e. without needing the rider to bear the upfront cost of an e-motorbike battery, which can be 50% or more of the total vehicle cost. Not only can an e-motorbike be less expensive without the need for government subsidies, it may even compete with subsidised petrol fuel, as in the case of Indonesia.

OYIKA works with local leading e-motorbike brands and transforms their motorbikes into smart bikes by bundling them with OYIKA’s portable smart batteries, network of charging stations and mobile App. OYIKA helps to promote the local e-motorbike industry and its partners’ bikes.

OYIKA offers no-contract, no-down-payment, no-deposit battery swap bundled with its partners’ e-motorbikes on a pay-as-you-go basis for short trips, and by the week to delivery riders. Just think of it as a prepaid mobile phone plan but with a phone provided for use.

OYIKA also offers monthly subscription plans to individuals and corporations, like a postpaid mobile phone subscription plan. “We started conducting e-motorbike and battery swap trials in July 2020 and started deploying swap stations at Alfamart convenience stores in September. There are 11 swap stations deployed in Jakarta for our initial trial. We plan to have 1000 swap stations in Jakarta by 2021″, says Larry Lim, President Director for OYIKA Indonesia “As we speak, OYIKA batteries are being assembled in Indonesia. As a matter of strategy, we have even chosen to assemble our first batch of smart IoT (Internet-of-Things) enabled batteries for Indonesia locally. The cells that go into our battery packs are from Murata of Japan. They are of very good quality”, added Larry Lim.

OYIKA targets to bring battery share, or sometimes known as battery-as-a-service (BaaS), not just to all the major cities in Indonesia but also to rural parts of Indonesia as soon as possible. Rural communities may operate a battery swap station and the company is going to make it affordable to start such a business. One may not get the chance to own a petrol kiosk but they can certainly get an opportunity to operate a battery swap station through OYIKA. So, welcome to Indonesia OYIKA!

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