When it’s impossible to go out but you still have to fulfill your daily needs, these online grocery stores will get your back.

1. Amboja Farm

Instagram: amboja.farm

Amboja Farm is a local producer of fresh vegetables and fish. Since 2012 Amboja has been committed to producing fresh vegetables and fish with precision farming to maintain the quality of food produced.

2. Buah Baru Online (BBO)

Intagram: buahbaruonline

Buah Baru Online specializes in delivering fresh fruits to your place. It offers a wide selection of good quality fruits and a trusted delivery service.

3. Sayon-Sayuran Online Jogja

Instagram: sayon_jogja

Sayon Jogja offers fresh vegetables and spices to be delivered to your place via online order. It uses Grab or Gojek delivery service, as well as its own courier.

4. Oricow

Instagram: oricow_jogja

Oricow is a meat shop in Yogyakarta, offers premium quality of meat cuts you can order online. Your meat will be delivered to your place through Grab or Gojek delivery service.

5. Meat Lova

Instagram: meat_lova

Meat Lova offers good quality meat cuts. As well as meat packages with ingredients, such as tom yam, teriyaki, BBQ, and more. You can order the products online and will be delivered to your place.

6. TaniHub

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Through TaniHub, local farmers can sell their products to individuals, as well as companies. Order through TaniHub app to get the best quality of fresh vegetables, fruits, spices, and more.

7. RiTx Market

Website: ritxmarket.com

You can find a variety of agricultural commodities directly from farmers’ harvests in this platform. In addition to agricultural commodities, here you can also buy fisheries and livestock products for daily needs as well as for industry on a large scale. RiTx Market has a network of farmers spread throughout Indonesia. All RiTx Market partner farmers are equipped with the RiTx Bertani mobile application as a farmer companion in agricultural activities.



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