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The 77th Indonesia Independence Day Celebration is just around the corner. You’ll see the shades of red and white flags fluttering from houses, buildings, and even public facilities. With this year’s theme “Pulih Lebih Cepat, Bangkit Lebih Kuat” (“Recover Faster, Rise Stronger” in English), let us always value it the most.

In line with the celebration, we have already compiled the best-highlighted articles about how beautiful Indonesia it is and its destinations. Check here to find out why Indonesia becomes the number one most beautiful country in the world. You must also like to read the list of 18 Indonesia icons that we love.

For Jakarta, we think that visiting Jakarta’s historical sites and statues will give at least patriotic and nationalist feelings. Here is a list of Jakarta’s iconic statues for you to visit. Or you can visit the most famous landmarks with historical value in Jakarta.

Not to be missed, we have compiled some of the best promos or deals for you during the Independence Day Celebration.

For Bali, find out the must-visit famous landmarks that are some of the most well-liked tourist attractions. And check our regularly updated brunch guide for you to savor and indulge in.

For Bandung, we’ve put together 10 of the most famous historical sites there. You can also visit the best-kept-secret coffee shops, not anyone knows after that with our guide. Find, immerse, and enjoy the moment.

Surabaya has also something to offer. Surabaya has a lot of famous landmarks to visit. We have put together must-visit famous landmarks for you in Surabaya. 

Another good news comes from IKEA! IKEA officially builds a new store at Ciputra World Surabaya. This marks the first IKEA that will land in Surabaya and is expected to be open in late 2022.

In the flash news, you may have heard the news that Germany rejects the Indonesian Passport without a signature column. Following the issue, Government promises to fix the Indonesian passport trouble. Click here for the full story.

Last but not the least, we wish Happy 77th Indonesia Independence Day. Let us all come together to help our glorious nation move forward.