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Jakarta’s 495th Anniversary Day is just around the corner. To be in line with the government’s campaign of ‘Jakarta Hajatan’, many hotels in Jakarta celebrate by offering a lavish Betawi spread. Check our guide for the greatness of Betawi food and delicacies in Jakarta.

Still in the spirit of Jakarta Anniversary Day, we have also made a list of Betawi’s traditional performance arts you must know. Some of them are already known to foreign people. 

As an aromatic wellness destination, Rumah Atsiri decided to expand the spirit of aromatic wellness to Jakarta. You can visit Atsiri diSarinah which offers a hidden garden, restaurant, mini-museum, and shop in one go in the Sarinah building. 

In these recent days, as you may have noticed, Jakarta’s air quality degraded to an unhealthy level. So, you better keep your mask on while in an outdoor area. The latest data from IQAir has ranked Jakarta as the most polluted city in the world. Click here to read the full story.

With brilliant sunshine, warm weather, idyllic beaches, and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, Bali is a dreamy summer getaway destination. For your upcoming summer getaway, you can check out some of our guides to enjoy Bali at its finest. One day in Canggu, favorite coffee shops, best beach clubsa day at the southernmost part of Bali, best breakfast spots, best outdoor activities, and more.

Some time ago, we made a special visit to Khas Rotiselai to chat with one of the owners Batsheba Satyaalangghya. We talked about how Khas Rotiselai was formed, the concept of the conscious organic kitchen, and how they contribute to society. Read the full interview here.

For those who happen to be in Bandung, you can also check our most recommended hangout places in Bandung. 

What’s New Bandung in collaboration with Himpunan Humas Hotel Bandung (H3B) and Kelas Garasi will hold a workshop and sharing sessions themed “Maximizing Social Media Content with Smartphone“. The event will be held on 5 July 2022, at Hotel Moxy Bandung. There will be a content posting competition with some exciting prizes.

With this newsletter, we sincerely hope you stay vigilant and safe.