These are the most favorite brands in Indonesia for your reference before choosing your folding bike.

International Brands


This London-based folding bike brand is reaching its high popularity since the new normal era in Indonesia. Often called the “mother” of a folding bike, Brompton products stand out with its iconic and stylish design. As well as perfect for getting around and exploring the city. The bikes are handmade in the London factory, with a wide range of colors and gearing options. The small wheels on its bike mean fast acceleration from red lights and increased maneuverability through busy streets. Effortlessly folding into a compact size, Brompton bikes can easily be carried onto all forms of public transport, in the boot of a car, and can be stowed away under your office desk or a table in a bar.


Tern’s products are made for people who love cycling in the city. Its product is all about convenient urban bikes designed for a range of conditions from commuting at night to everyday grocery-getting. They come with a host of cargo-carrying options, battery-free lighting, and adjustable stems that let you ride comfortably day in and day out. Because they fold, they can go everywhere with you. Stash your ride under your office desk, store it inside your apartment, or bring it onto the public transportations. Tern also offers Urban Performance Tern bike that built for speed and feats of strength. These bikes elevate urban riding to a new level. Whether out on a daily multi-modal commute or a sprint across town, your ride will resemble the fold: fast and efficient. Featuring premium components and cutting-edge frame design, the Urban Performance Tern bike is the folding bike that doesn’t ride like one.


Designed for combining cycling with other means of transport (lift, bus, car, etc.) and taking up as little space as possible, the Decathlon folding bikes are a commuter’s dream, but will also prove a handy weekend steed. Comes with several speeds and a mudguard, it allows you to adapt your effort for different environments and gradients throughout your ride.


The pioneers and leaders in folding bikes since 1982, Dahon’s collection is highlighting style, performance, and utility. The products are small enough to fit under a train seat and big enough to fill your ambitions of freedom.

Local Brands


Kreuz folding bikes are produced in Bandung. At first glance, Kreuz bikes are 90% similar to Brompton. Even Kreuz is often called the Brompton indie version of Bandung. The brand reaches its high popularity after President Joko Widodo and his wife order its bikes. All products are handmade by involving many small home industries, ranging from lathes, plastic molders, to others, with domestic raw materials.

Element Bike

Element Bike is one of the local brands that are in demand by many Indonesian cyclists thanks to its attractive design, affordable prices, quality specifications, and to keep abreast of trends. Element Bike also collaborated with several local brands, such as Filosofi Kopi & Damn! I Love Indonesia to produce a special edition of folding bikes.


Founded in 1989, Polygon Bikes has the vision to become a global quality bicycle brand that is ready to compete in the international market. Polygon has a factory, assembly, and independent distribution network that meets world standards so that it can continue to control every aspect from the initial idea to the final delivery of high-quality bicycles. Polygon Bikes is also committed to always producing products with variants that are always fresh every year, with color modifications, decal, technology, and the latest parts to improve the performance and quality of bicycles produced for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professional athletes. Polygon folding bikes come with the latest design and color variants, suitable for cyclists who want to explore the city with a more upright driving position and maximum comfort. Accommodating the needs of urban cyclists, who are concerned with flexibility, practicality and will make it easier for cyclists to take them anywhere.


Since 1991, United Bike has been present to meet the cycling needs of the Indonesian people by presenting a variety of bikes, ranging from mountain bikes, Road Bikes, BMX, folding bikes, to touring bikes & children’s bicycles. Not only through innovation and up-to-date technology, but United Bike also supports various bicycle activities, ranging from mass events to national and international championships. As per its motto, United Bike is always trying to bring the best products that are innovative and environmentally friendly.


Folding Bike BNB is designed with a quality Alloy frame with perfect finishing, thus making its folding bikes popular amongst Indonesian bikers.

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