In the most romantic month of the year, MONDIAL presents the latest engagement ring collection. In accordance with its tagline “I’m Different” this collection presents a unique and different diamond engagement ring.

This engagement ring collection is inspired by the feelings of love between couples that must be shown in a different way. For this reason, MONDIAL offers an engagement ring that can be a unique gift idea for couples with different use of diamonds than those offered by most other jewelry brands.

Every engagement ring collection from MONDIAL uses luxuriously shaped diamonds such as heart shape, princess/square shape, marquise shape to pear shape. Each diamond ring uses diamonds with various weights, from 0.1 carats to more than 2 carats. This difference is a symbol of a unique and different love journey which of course will not be the same between every couple. The collection of the best engagement rings is combined with rose gold and white gold, making it an unmatched diamond ring to be pinned on the lover’s finger.

Leslie Christian Saputra as General Manager of MONDIAL said, “In this month full of love, MONDIAL is ready to accompany every step of the romance of two loves to be more special. For this reason, through its latest campaign, ‘I Said MONDIAL’, MONDIAL wants to invite different couples to celebrate love, of course, must be in a special way so it will be memorable, meaningful, and unforgettable. Besides being able to be used as an engagement ring, the presence of this latest collection from MONDIAL can also be used as a gift for every declaration of love.”

This latest engagement ring collection consists of 13 designs of women’s diamond rings made with impeccable craftsmanship and high-quality diamonds to produce luxury diamond jewelry that can complete beautiful moments with your beloved partner.

The diamond rings in this engagement ring collection can be found in all MONDIAL boutiques throughout Indonesia. Special this February, customers will get a special Valentine package for every purchase of diamond jewelry at the MONDIAL Boutique (while supplies last). Visit the website and follow Instagram @mondial for more information on other jewelry collections.