PT MODENA Indonesia as one of the market leaders for home appliances in Indonesia is collaborating with DignityKu, to provide training and coaching for friends with disabilities. DignityKu itself is a company engaged in the service sector, by providing special training program scholarships for friends with disabilities.

MODENA and DignityKu have the same vision and mission, which is to improve the welfare of persons with disabilities to become more independent, happy, and dignified individuals by providing training so that they have special skills, a spirit of professionalism, and entrepreneurship. And at the same time, provides employment opportunities for friends with disabilities.

This time, MODENA and DignityKu opened a training class on cooking, supported by the ACP (Association of Culinary Professionals). They will provide teaching staff and a curriculum so that the participants will become work-ready individuals. The series of training and coaching itself consists of a Cooking Class which will be facilitated by MODENA, as well as entrepreneurship training (Entrepreneurship Training) where participants can work in DignityKu’s cafe, open their own business, and also get work recommendations. DignityKu will also help channel participants through outsourcing to various connected institutions.

This program will start in November 2020 and the first batch will be opened at 12 participants in which the training program consists of 20 meetings. For registration, please contact DignityKu, via email at or directly contact +62811-940-1688.