Carrying the concept of Personalization or Customization, MODENA launched the ME by MODENA program. This program, which was created for the first time in Indonesia in the home appliance industry, provides customers with the opportunity to personalize the front view of the Home Appliances they are going to buy so that they match their personality and desires.

“With ME by MODENA, we hope that this can become a medium for customers to express themselves. As the first in Indonesia to carry the concept of customization for home appliances, we want to provide flexibility for the public to choose a design according to their personality, both in the form of graphics and photos. The design can be uploaded directly on the website or via MEC/MHC through a given purchase code,” said Munarko, Product Manager of MODENA Indonesia.

MODENA provides a wide selection of categories that can be customized, ranging from Refrigerators, Water Dispensers, Cooker Hood, to Water Heaters. As well as a choice of products from various categories, available with various specifications that can be selected according to customer needs.

In order to guarantee the ease and speed of service, Munarko revealed that the program, which was launched on Wednesday, September 30, 2020, and attended by Clara Sutantio (Finalist Asia’s Next Top Model Season 5) and Rizky Dradjat Martha (actor), can be purchased online at the MODENA website or at the nearest MODENA Experience Center and MODENA Home Center. Consumers just need to upload a photo or other visual, adjust the position according to their taste, and click the “save” button on the website. A few moments later the product of your dreams has arrived at your home. Currently, the ME by MODENA program applies only to the Jabodetabek area and will be expanded to other areas where consumer demand is high.

ME by MODENA is a form of MODENA’s commitment to continue to innovate. “So far, I see that no one has ever done something like this in the Home Appliance industry. And in my opinion, this is a very good container for customizing home appliances according to the personality of the customer. Various product choices can also meet the needs of MODENA customers,” said Rizky Dradjat Martha.