During a pandemic like this, it is very important to maintain immunity from all aspects, from food consumption to the level of quality of sleep. According to dr. Andreas Prasadja, a sleep health specialist, for the best health, it is not only the quality of sleep that must be met but also the duration of sleep. “If sleep is disturbed, health will be disturbed. Starting from decreased immunity to severe disease,” said dr. Andreas. If the quality of sleep is maintained, not only physical health is maintained but mental health is also maintained. Improved sleep quality can provide good benefits for a person’s mental health.

Then dr. Andreas added that a person’s performance will also have an impact if they don’t get enough sleep. It can affect concentration, creativity, brain capacity, and emotional stability. Even dr. Andreas ensures that a good sleep will make a person survive the virus attack.

Vino G. Bastian and Marsha Timothy continue to work for the world of Indonesian cinema. Everyday activities have been neatly scheduled for them to do, often the work’s done very late at night. After a long day, they both prioritize quality sleep to restore stamina. Before falling asleep, Marsha and Vino take the time to create quality time with pillow talk. Not just the two of them, but they also include their beloved child to participate in the conversation to build connections, get closer, and create a warm atmosphere in the family.

Marsha as a mother certainly wants to maintain the quality of her family’s sleep. In maintaining the quality of her family’s sleep, apart from adjusting the light in the bedroom, Marsha’s tips are choosing the best bed linen. Sleep Buddy was chosen by Marsha and Vino to improve sleep quality.

Marsha chose the type and material of bed linen by considering the level of softness, thickness, and comfort. Marsha’s choice is Tencel, a bamboo fiber material with a yarn density of 950ThreadCount which is smooth, soft, cool, and comfortable.

There is an interesting story about Sleep Buddy, who started a small business in 2009 from the house of the owner, Indah Catur Agustin, with the help of a tailor. “Until now, the tailor is still loyal to our company. During the pandemic, our company also helped create jobs for the tailors who lost their jobs,” said the Founder of Sleep Buddy, Indah Catur Agustin. You could say this is a success story for SMEs.

If you ask Indah Catur Agustin, the advantage of Sleep Buddy is that it uses quality materials, with varied materials and motifs, can accept orders according to customer wishes, and is available at affordable prices. This bed sheet has loyal customers because it is comfortable to use with maximum yarn density quality. Using Cotton Sateen material with a shiny weave, so it is called sateen (saten), not the usual shiny satin material. This material is also easier to call Japanese cotton and has a thread density of up to 500 thread count. Sleep Buddy has three types of patterns, patterned (print method), jacquard (woven motif), and plain with various solid colors. These three types of patterns will be able to beautify the appearance of the room and give a comfortable feeling when going to sleep and waking up.

“Every morning after sleeping with Sleep Buddy, Vino and I really get a quality sleep experience. Our child sleeps well. Because the Sleep Buddy material is very comfortable,” concluded Marsha.