The honeymoon is a moment awaited by the newlyweds after completing the wedding procession which of course drains a lot of energy starting from preparation for the wedding until the day of the wedding. To decide the purpose of the honeymoon, it is usually prepared from a long time ago carefully and with consideration of many things. For example, the budget and needs of each partner in order to create a beautiful moment once in a lifetime. The important point of choosing a honeymoon location is the comfort, friendly prices, and a romantic atmosphere.

Travelmyth is an international travel recommendation tool that will help travelers find locations for honeymooners and get a unique vacation. With 45 selected hotel categories, tourist destination seekers can choose and combine any category to find the best vacation accommodation. Travelmyth not only helps travelers to find hotels based on interests but also recommends the best hotels that are required to visit. In addition, Travelmyth will offer the best price for each hotel. At present Travelmyth has 1,714,672 in 45 hotel categories covering the Asian Continent, America, Europe, and Australia.

Le Eminence Puncak is the only five-star hotel in Puncak that gets the award as the Top Hotel for Honeymoon in Puncak from Travelmyth. With adequate facilities starting from an exclusive room equipped with a private pool and romantic dinner at the Rooftop Café, guests can also capture the honeymoon moment by taking photos in the hotel’s rice fields and river areas. The award was an extraordinary achievement for Le Eminence Hotel. With a relatively young age, this hotel is able to steal hearts and even become the best hotel destination of choice for guests.

Hotel Address: 
Hanjawar Street No. 19 Ciloto Puncak Indonesia 43253