The Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia together with the Gerakan Nasional Literasi Digital (GNLD) Siberkreasi have collaborated with LALEILMANINO and JKT48 to launch their newest digital literacy campaign, #BeraniBersuara. Through easy listening song lyrics, this campaign aims to educate young people in Indonesia, especially Generation Z (Gen Z) to be wiser in using social media so as to create a positive, ethical, and safe digital creative space.

As part of this Makin Cakap Digital campaign, LALEILMANINO beautifully composed a song called “Berani Bersuara (Hati-hati)” which was launched on May 27 and sung with the popular teen idol group, JKT48. The launch of this song will be followed by the “Duet Bareng JKT48” campaign which invites Gen Z to sing a duet with JKT48 personnel on Tiktok and “Nyanyi Bareng Laleilmanino” on Instagram, so that togetherness and attachment are created with the message conveyed in the lyrics of the song.

“We believe that music is a very powerful medium to make us aware of good values ​​that we sometimes forget. With a fairly upbeat arrangement and full of cheerful tones, hopefully, listeners will more easily accept lyrics or messages that are classified as serious when packaged. in a fun way, like the title uses <3<3 emoticon which means to be careful. It looks playful, digital, but the meaning is deep,” said Nino, a representative from LALEILMANINO.

On the other hand, JKT48 expressed their hope that Gen Z can show character in the digital realm “Young people and Gen Z tend to look for entertainment and role models on social media. Through music and dance movements, we want to be able to touch people’s hearts, especially the younger generation in Indonesia,” said Sheni, a representative of the idol group JKT 48.

The launch of this campaign was carried out close to the celebration of the Hari Kebangkitan Nasional (National Awakening Day) which falls on May 20, and in accordance with President Joko Widodo’s direction to continue to inspire the creative spirit of Gen Z Indonesia in creating positive content and innovating creatively on digital platforms ethically.

LALEILMANINO said “Although we are happy that today everyone is more courageous in expressing themselves, it is quite unfortunate that sometimes there are still links or comments that are submitted without regard to good etiquette. We hope that this song can not only entertain ears but the meaning of the lyrics can be understood and used as material for Gen Z’s thoughts to create a good communication culture in Indonesia.”

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